On a promotional run for his upcoming debut album Omega has released a joint EP with recording artist, Mateo Amarei Black Horse, Black Sheep and #F*ckIt!

Following both releases, Omega released ‘For Atlanta’ solidifying why today’s industry continues to play off new artists to feed the executives control of popular trends amongst pop culture.

With a heart of a true lion, Omega continues to lead his pride while building up his musical catalog and fanbase with numerous artistic surprises in store for the second half of 2016.


1) Talk to me about the making of your latest project – Black Horse, Black Sheep. What was it like working with Mateo Amarei?

Mateo Amarei is my brother, literally. Me and him are like yin and yang in a sense, so creating this project was almost as easy as breathing.

Me and Mateo work very well together, he’ll put a hook together or a song idea and then I’ll add my 2 cents and boom! Another record that jams. I’ve worked with a lot of people in music, but the connection me and my brother have is unmatched.

2) How would you describe your music style and creation process?

I would describe my style as something new to experience. I used to try and fit myself into certain types or genres of music until I realized that I myself am a genre. I rap, sing, produce, engineer, play the guitar, and so many more musical things.

I’ve realized that only those that are truly obsessed with their craft become their own genres…Michael Jackson, James Brown, Madonna, Jimi Hendrix are just a few of the legendary artist that have, in my opinion created their own genre of music. When it comes to my creation process, I like to go with the flow.

Some days I feel like writing, others I just want to get in the booth and express how I feel. I’ve had to get the job done in a lot of circumstances so the beauty in that is that I can be creative at the drop of a dime no matter the studio, location, or vibe.

3) What are your thoughts on what Chance The Rapper is doing right now, shunning any label offers and going completely independent?

I LOVE CHANCE! I support every artist that truly does this for the art. It’s such a rare thing to see genuine people nowadays especially in the entertainment field.

And as far as the labels I believe that with every MEGA star that is born out of the independent world continues to come to the forefront they are getting exactly what they deserve.

For too long major record labels have hindered the creative evolution of music for financial profit, and then don’t even pay the content creators! In short Team Chance all day.

4) What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learnt as an independent artist?

Owning is better than renting or asking for favors. Too many people try to live outside of their means, but it’s even worse when you’re an artist that’s pursuing outside of your means.

A sucker is born every second, and the way the industry is set up is that there are a lot of ‘hustles’ out here to simply just ‘sell’ you the dream instead of actually helping you achieve it.

I’m happy that I’ve been wise enough to know where and how to grow my brand as an artist without taking too many un-beneficial hits from the ‘middle man’ aspect of the music industry.

5) If you had the power to change one thing about the hip-hop industry to help independent artists – what would it be?

That’s easy! The middle man. So many great artists have to go through so many ‘middle men’ just to get the right exposure.

The lucky ones that break through blow up because most of the time the music was already great, and of course the ‘middle men’ want in.

However nowadays where you could be a famous plumber as long as you have a reality tv show, bad music has been able to get more exposure to the point that it’s almost the only thing thats out there commercially.

There used to be days where people stood around the radio patiently waiting to hear their favorite record, I want days like that back in modern times, where people are excited about music again and no longer subjected to this ‘’fast food’ type of media and entertainment we have today.

6) From a business point of view, which indie artists in the game do you think are really pushing the boundaries and changing it up?

Off top Tech N9ne. That guy has truly broken boundaries. Entirely independent, no nothing from any form of major label. Look at his fanbase, loyal to the core.

Another is Chance The Rapper, dope ass music. Completely independent as well with huge crowds and respect from music moguls.

Lastly I would have to say Lil Dicky. Dicky had such a great plan with amazing execution that he was able to skip a lot of the “middle man” levels and achieve incredible success. Besides the dude is fucking gifted with the craft for real.

Art is about challenging your mind, it’s about making you feel. If art is just an every day normal depiction of what is then it’s not art any more, it’s just illustrated social engineering. So these guys in my opinion prove my point of when great music gets great exposure. The possibilities are limitless, even without a major label.

7) Are you planning to tour following the release of Black Horse, Black Sheep?

Yes! We are planning on a small regional tour to start. We are planning on going to the Carolinas, Florida, Alabama, and various cities in Georgia.

8) What do you think the most important aspect of performing live is?

A connection to the audience. Eye contact, speaking to people instead of just reciting lyrics. Performing in my opinion is a form of public speaking, I like to think of those guys that used to tell the news of the city in Assassin’s Creed and think to myself that at one point and time this was how it was.

That same connection that a public figure or speaker had to rally the crowd or make people stop and pay attention is a necessity when it comes to performing. People have to want to watch what you doing, how can they if they feel no connection.

9) So what are your plans for the rest of 2016?

Man we got SOOO many things coming up! We already dropped my single ‘Learn 2 Love’ off of ‘So Close So Far’ on iTunes and Spotify as well as Black Horse Black Sheep on AudioMack, but on June 10th we are also dropping our first pop up album this year entitled #F*CKIT!

Super excited for this project to finally go on Apple Music as well as all streaming services, you can preview it on my SoundCloud right now. Next I’m dropping another record called ‘For Atlanta’ on Tupac’s birthday June 16th which is a song that I feel defends the culture of Atlanta in todays clone market you’ll have to hear that one for yourself to see what I’m saying.

Visuals are coming out all this year from the various singles and projects we’re doing, and I’m also close to completing a free project we are going to release sometime this summer called “Hieroglyphs” just to name a few things. But to be honest I’m most excited about Hip Hop and Anime this album of mine is a creative growth, that’s all I’m going to say about that one.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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