Since the creation of interactive video games, music has been an integral part of what makes them so exciting. The earliest 8-bit video games came with sound chips, while now, video game franchises from Grand Theft Auto to FIFA have a rousing selection of tracks to listen to as you play.

But it’s not just video games, as in the world of online casino, music is an important aspect of the game itself. A perfect soundtrack can help stimulate the mind and immerse you further in the game, or even ramp up the tension.

Here’s our guide to what makes for a perfect online casino soundtrack. As a side note, you can also check out Casino Review as part of this article.

How music can enhance the online casino experience

There are a variety of reasons as to why certain soundtracks are used for certain games. Before we get into the more psychological reasons though, we shouldn’t dismiss a crucial factor – they can make a game sound as fun as it looks.

Upbeat background music can help establish a positive mood as you log on to play. After all, people will be less eager to take part if a maudlin piano ballad was used in the place of the music we’ve come to expect online.

Music is a source of entertainment in the games, as much as the games themselves. But it’s crucial in terms of setting the mood, and attempting to replicate the atmosphere of a real, bricks and mortar casino.

The use of sound effects and upbeat instrumental tracks is designed to make the player feel both at ease, and like they’re getting a realistic casino experience. Several studies show music has a considerable affect on mood and behaviour – the use of music is crucial in getting players on board, even if they don’t necessarily realise it.

Think of it as the “supermarket effect”. A famous study from the 1980’s found shoppers move faster when upbeat music is played, but spend more time in store buying impulse items when the song has a slow tempo.

In casino games, when you have to think on your feet, the up tempo music is designed to stimulate your mind. Rock music can increase our adrenaline, while a noticeable increase in tempo can prove crucial at more challenging points in the game.

Which brings us straight to our next point.

The psychological impact of background music

All studies point to music having an influence on human mood and behaviour. This means that the music used by casino games is a deliberate choice, to enhance your experience, and further immerse you in the challenges you face.

In many cases, music has been proven to positively impact cognitive functions. And this is clear from the music choices you’ll find in many games.

In some cases, this means using low tempo music to keep players relaxed, and ready to play for hours on end. In other cases, such as slots, upbeat music is used to stimulate the production of oxytocin, dopamine and adrenaline, so players feel empowered to make bolder decisions while playing.

Another crucial aspect is that music, when used properly, can help increase concentration levels. Think about how often you listen to music while working or completing other tasks – you often don’t realise you’re being as productive as you are when you have a solid soundtrack in the background.

This is one of the reasons game developers incorporate music in their games from the moment of conception, with some even using classical, cinematic, and nature music, which are proven to aid concentration the most. Music is designed to be therapeutic and stress relieving, which can be beneficial when playing an intense, high stakes game.

Music doesn’t just serve to establish the mood and atmosphere of an online casino. In fact, it’s designed to help keep your creativity levels high, and your desire to keep playing undiminished.

What music can you hear in online casino games?

If you play online slots regularly, you’ll notice that many challenges are designed around the use of specific music choices. There are several games with high BPM soundtracks in a variety of different genres.

For fans of rock music, legends of the genre from Jimi Hendrix to Guns N Roses have been immortalised in virtual challenges. Recent studies have found that heavy metal and hard rock is not only therapeutic but can significantly reduce stress levels and bloody pressure.

In this case, that means slots like Rock’N’Roller actually relieve stress, rather than add to it. The perfect accompaniment when you have to be focused on a high stakes game.

Other popular music themed slots encompass a variety of different genres. Disco Spins, Samba Brazil and The Jazz Club are all self explanatory, while Karaoke Party is designed to get you singing along as you play.

There are games designed to cater to the music tastes of all players, with the use of songs perfectly integrated into the challenges themselves. Hearing your favourite song while playing can ultimately change your mood – making you more likely to play, while focusing harder on the task in front of you.

But outside of the psychological reasons why developers integrate music like this, soundtracks can help replicate the feel of a casino, and make users happy to keep playing along. The games wouldn’t be the same without their background music.

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