Most artists in the music industry have started out their music career out of passion and hobby. Although money is not the primary concern for venturing in the music business, it is now inclusive – thanks to the advanced technology we have today.

If you are an aspiring artist who does not see a future in the 9 to 5 full-time job, then you have other ways to build a career in the music industry. In this line of work, you are able to handle your own time, work with your passion, and earn bucks.

Here are some tips that can earn you a career in the long-time process:

Guide to make your hobby in music a career

1. Discover more about your talent in music

Every professional had to start from the beginning. In the initial process, you need to discover your talent in music. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Nurture your advantages and work on your disadvantages.

You do not need to master all aspects of music, but when it comes to marketing and branding yourself, people will remember you for a certain name and a certain genre.

2. Learn a specific instrument first

Venturing a career in music means you will be surrounded by everything related to music. Though it is not required to learn an instrument, this will be vital for boosting your career.

If you are already inclined with a certain instrument, then that’s good! It will help your career in the long run. But if not, you should start learning as early as now. You can learn through self-study as there are a lot of tutorials that can be found on Youtube or enroll in a music tutorial center. Either way, it is an investment that will pay back. Aside from that, learning classical instruments such as violin and viola can help you destress and relax. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone – finding ways to take a breather while improving your craft in music.

3. Join Local Gigs

Not all artists who perform on local gigs are invited due to fame and money. Most of the time, small and local gigs are composed of self-branding artists and freelance musicians who want to enjoy, sing for the crowd, and hone their skills. Joining local gigs is a great learning tool to develop your capabilities as well as draw publicity too.

4. Share your hobby online using social media platforms

Thanks to the advanced technology we have today, you can now build a career even at home! For instance, content creators on Youtube earn a lot of money depending on their views, viewing hours, and subscribers. You can start there, too. And once you grow your target audience, invitations will flock such as music recording brands, solo debut, and more.

Share your hobby digitally through social media platforms like Youtube, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

5. Explore other musical instruments

Exploring other musical instruments can widen possible careers out there. It will enhance your skills and even allow you to make your own songs. If you can both play the guitar and drums, you can combine these two and make an original instrumental song. Learning how to play a variety of instruments can also help you learn how to play by ear. For beginners, you can start the transition by choosing an instrument that is almost the same as the one you are familiar with. Learning how to play the ukulele, for example, will be easier if you have already been practicing the guitar for months.


Entering the music industry is not a walk in the park. In fact, it is a war out there to make yourself stand out over a variety of known artists, hooking them to hear your music, and building a name. Making your hobby a career is both a risk and a gain. You spend your time working hard in making art but find it worthy as you look back and see your career progress in the music industry.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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