1) Do you remember the moment you wanted to be a hip-hop artist?

The moment I wanted to be a hip hop artist was when I first heard Bone Thugs “Cross Roads” on the radio.

2) What was it like creating your latest project – H.A.Z.E. (Haters Always Zero-out-Everyone)?

Creating my latest project “H.A.Z.E. (Haters Always Zero-out-Everyone) The Ep” was fulfilling because I was very hands on with the album.

3) What are you trying to achieve with the project?

I am trying to make people see that it is cool to be lyrical.

4) What are your thoughts on staying independent or signing to a major label?

I love being independent just because I pretty much have total control over what I do and the projects I put out. I would only sign to a major if it made sense.

5) How do you feel about the independent hip-hop industry right now?

The independent hip hop industry right now is great if you asked me. You might not think they make a lot without a machine behind them, though they would make more but everyone would have their hands in your pocket and you probably would not have as much creative control or maneuverability as you would like.

6) As an independent hip-hop artist grinding it out, what sort of promotion and marketing are you doing to stand out from the rest?

Well for one I’m beginning to work with different promoters instead of just relying on self promotion.

7) How do you think you’ve grown as an artist?

I’ve become a lot more patient. It’s hard to achieve overnight success.

8) How do you feel about hip-hop today?

I think hip hop today is great, it’s evolved and continuing to evolve.

9) What artists in the game today do you look at for inspiration?

I’m inspired by the Slaughterhouse. Each member in that group have been hustling for years and pretty much made it cool to be lyrical.

10) Who are your top 5 rappers dead or alive?

Top five dead or alive? Would have to say Eminem, Jay Z, Tupac, Crooked I and Lil Wayne.

StreamĀ H.A.Z.E. (Haters Always Zero – Out – Everyone) The EP below and hit up iTunes to cop the project.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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