Every artist knows that streaming platforms are the best way to promote and share music. From Soundcloud to Spotify, streaming allows users of all backgrounds to access your music whenever, from wherever. The downside is, many artists feel like streaming services keep them from earning their fair share of the profit. So, what about the physical copies of music?

Like many other staples of the Y2K era, CDs are inevitably outdated. CD players aren’t included in cars anymore, and few people have access to CD players in the home. These shiny discs aren’t new enough to be cool, or even old enough to make a comeback. This is where vinyl records come into play.

In 2020, vinyl record sales surpassed CD sales for the first time since 1986. This can be partially attributed to the pandemic and stay-at-home orders reducing the need for on-the-go music listening. But, records themselves have become interior design staples among generations young and old.

Some may have a preconceived notion of what style of music should be produced on a vinyl record: often Indie music, classic rock songs, or something of the like. Many artists fail to realize that any genre of music can be successful as a vinyl: hip hop included. In fact, several modern hip hop, rap and r&b artists have released music on vinyl. Travis Scott, Kanye West, Mac Miller, Kid Cudi, Playboi Carti, are just some of the artists who have capitalized on the movement back to vinyl records.

Digital sales still make up a majority of music consumption, but the record player has clearly been an exception to the rule of looking forward technologically. Consumer preferences clearly point to vinyl records. Every artist should flip the roles every once in a while, and listen to your listeners.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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