A good jewelry collection can add charm to any outfit, especially if your choice is backed by authentic research. One of the best things about jewelry is perhaps its longevity. It can be passed on to generations and become a constant in your everyday style.

In today’s world, men’s jewelry is entering a new era. Just like any jewelry, bracelets can be a part of a stylish man’s wardrobe. But with so much clutter out there, choosing the right bracelet collection can be a daunting task. So, to make things a bit easier, this article lists down the men’s bracelets that are a must-have in your collection.

Curb Bracelets

The role of well-chosen curb bracelets is not so different from any other piece of jewelry. Classic chain styles have been categorized and known by different names, and curb bracelets are part of the classic chain style group. These bracelets come in various shapes, such as rounded, concaved, square, closed, flat, and open (also recognized as cheval or elongated curb).

Curb bracelets can also be classified by link formation, such as single or double links. Single link bracelets have a chain link paired with one link and the pattern then repeats. A double curb bracelet involves two links clustering together and linking with each other. Additionally, these bracelets are also linked by structure, such as the hollow and the solid curb. The hollow shape is similar to that of a rounded curb, whereas the solid version is designed from a solid wire, without any empty or ‘hollow’ space in between the surface.

Out of all the bracelets that you could choose from, the curb bracelet is a great piece of jewelry that will help you stand out. They’re also the easiest jewelry accessory to pull off.

Figaro Bracelets

The links in the Figaro bracelets are twisted to give a woven rope effect. The over or round links are twisted in nicely into each other, and usually with a diamond cut. However, there is also a longer link that connect the 5-gourmet links. The Figaro bracelets originated in Italy and were named after the popular Italian opera The Marriage of Figaro.

Rope Bracelets

Rope bracelets are also a popular pick in men’s bracelet collection. They consist of small links braided and intertwined with each other, forming the perfect bracelet. These bracelets come in unique or handmade, or custom pieces.

Mariner Bracelets

Mariner bracelets have also come a long way since the time when men wore bracelets as a symbol of nobility, achievement, and wealth. The bracelet offers the best way to achieve a commanding and bold presence through jewelry. The design includes a classic oval link with a flat bar in its core. The chain is extra strong because of its design. The design is somewhat similar to the chain that is used to link an anchor to a boat.

Start with some curb bracelets that go with your favorite outfit and see how they go. You can always expand your collection further.

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