Online casinos offering real money betting are becoming increasingly popular among Canadians as these websites provide a convenient way to win some cash without leaving the comfort of your own dwelling. The article below contains a comprehensive analysis of the most popular casino games along with guidelines on how to receive some real money while gambling on the web. Consider also checking out for a list of the best real money casino sites in Canada and their bonuses.

Choose the Most Profitable Casino Game

When picking activity in a modern casino, you may face hundreds of variants, but the majority of them are based on several traditional games, which originated from brick-n-mortar gambling houses and made their way to modern betting websites. At this stage, it’s essential to mention the house edge – the value used to measure the operator’s profit in the long run. House edge is expressed as a percentage of your wager. The number itself may vary depending on the game you’re playing, but it’s always (or nearly always) above zero, meaning that the business is making money, while the customers are losing. The list below includes games with the lowest house advantage you could find:

  • Poker. A traditional Texas Hold’em, which is commonly played in brick-n-mortar poker rooms, is a game of skill, where players compete against each other. The same applies to web-based poker tables, where your chances of winning are determined by your skill solely (and, perhaps, a bit of luck). Besides, you’re not betting against the house; so, there’s no edge whatsoever (though the operator will probably charge a commission for hosting the game). But Texas Hold’em isn’t the only type of poker available online. You can find multiple versions of the activity, which involve little strategic thinking and rely on luck predominantly. For example, video poker, which is the most popular type of game, has an average house edge of 5% to 1%, meaning that you’ll win 95% to 99% of the wagered money back.
  • Roulette. Roulette is one of the oldest and most iconic activities; so, it’s widely represented on the online gambling market. The gameplay is based on placing wagers on random numbers (or groups of numbers) in the hope to guess correctly and receive a payout. There are 2 major types of the game – American (double-zero) and European (single-zero) layouts. Due to the incredible variety of betting options, the expected return in roulette can vary significantly. For single number wagers, the house edge is approximately 5.26% on American and 2.70% on European roulette. Since it’s nearly impossible to predict the outcomes of rounds, professional punters apply various betting strategies to secure their profits in the long term.
  • Blackjack. Playing blackjack is a great way to develop your skills in math, strategic thinking, and ability to adapt to ever-changing conditions. The end goal of the game is quite simple – obtain a hand with a value higher than that of the dealer. This activity is favored by professional players all over the world, mainly because it allows a gambler to obtain an edge over the house. With a well-thought-out strategy, you can reduce the operator’s advantage to 0,66% (if 8 decks are used) or even 0,17% (if only one deck is used). These numbers can be further reduced by utilizing a technique known as card counting. While implementing this strategy, a punter assigns a numerical value to each card and bases their in-game decisions on the expected values of cards left in the shoe.
  • Baccarat. Baccarat Punto Banco, which is predominantly seen on modern betting sites, is notable for its fast gameplay, simple rules, and low house edge. In this version of the game, a player isn’t responsible for making any in-game decisions; instead, the tableau of drawing rules is consulted every time to determine the winner. In Punto Banco, all customers are allowed to wager on either side. Punto and Banco don’t necessarily refer to the player and the house respectively. If there are 8 decks utilized, an expected house edge on Punto bet is 1.24%, while on Banco, it’s 1.06% (though mind that operators may charge a 5% commission on your winnings). Tie wagers pay out as 8 to 1 or ever 9 to 1, though they involve significantly higher house advantages of 14.4% and 4.85% respectively.
  • Craps. Unfortunately, craps is frequently overlooked by online casinos as the choice of software for this activity is somewhat limited compared to slots or other table games. While playing craps, punters make wagers on the outcome of dice rolls. Since there are multiple possible outcomes of each roll, craps allow for complicated combinations of bets. The lowest house advantage craps is 0%, while the maximum edge may reach an incredible 16.67%, which is higher than the worst-paying slots on the market. Mind that craps involves lots of complicated rules and terminology, which require detailed analysis and may take a while to comprehend.

Remember that operators are well aware of players’ chances of winning in different games. Therefore, activities with low house edges contribute less towards the wagering requirements of cash bonuses and get included in promotions less frequently.

Online Slots

Slots are the most popular activity and the main source of profit for any online betting website. There are thousands of one-armed bandits to match every punter’s taste. Slot machines are developed by the most renowned developers like Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech and by small aspiring studios as well. Considering the incredible variety of slots, it may be hard to pick the best-paying ones. Fortunately, the games with the highest return-to-player are commonly the most popular ones; check out the list of such machines below:

  • Mega Moolah. Mega Moolah was released in 2006 by Microgaming, and it has an RTP of 88%. With its 25 lines and 5 reels, Mega Moolah is a classic web slot. So, why do people keep playing a game that was released almost 15 years ago with a modest RTP rate? Well, Mega Moolah is the highest paying slot machine on Earth. The Mega jackpot begins at 10 million dollars, while the highest one-time winning ever paid out exceeded 18 million.
  • Starburst. Released in 2012, NetEnt’s Starburst involves more moderate jackpots than the above-mentioned game; the maximum amount you can win from one of its 10 lines is just 5,000 dollars. However, an expected return over a long period offered by Starburst is higher as well – 96,1%. This game is often included in casino promotions. Besides, Starburst includes an expanding wilds feature, which also activates a free re-spin. This machine is available on both desktops and mobile devices.
  • Gonzo’s Quest. Another game by NetEnt, Gonzo’s Quest, was launched in 2010 and became a hit immediately after its release. It includes 5 reels and 20 lines and provides a decent RTP of 95,97%. The slot includes a noteworthy Avalanche feature, which increases the wager multiplier up to 5x if you manage to get the right combination of symbols. There are also wilds and free fall symbols available (the latter trigger bonus rounds).
  • Book of Ra. Book of Ra was Created by Novomatic back in 2008, based on Egyptian mythology. The slot includes 5 reels and 10 lines, offering a decent combination of quality, high RTP (around 95%), and plenty of bonuses. Book of Ra has a free spins feature, which provides a punter with 15 complimentary rounds for landing a scatter anywhere across the reels. Unfortunately, this machine doesn’t have a jackpot – the maximum payout is set at 5,000x the wager amount.
  • Thunderstruck 2. It is the updated version of a classic slot from Microgaming. Thunderstruck 2 was released in 2010, and it remains widely popular up to this day. The developer has even created a substitute for it called Thunderstruck 3, but it has never seen the success of the second version. The game has 5 reels, a high RTP (96,65%), and, of course, a decent jackpot reaching 121,500 dollars. There are lots of free spins bonuses and wild symbols available as well.

All of the above slots provide high-quality graphics and decent payouts, but there are many more interesting activities on the web. Don’t hesitate to experiment with games to find the solutions that would suit you best.

Biggest Casino Wins of All Time in History

In 2018, a punter from the Isle of Man won a staggering €18,915,872.81 jackpot from the Mega Moolah slot. The previous world record was set in 2015 by the same game – €17,879,645.12. The third-largest payout was obtained by a player from Norway, who won 11,7 million Euros from the Mega Fortune slot.

Check the Regulation

To determine whether a given bookmaker is worth your attention, head to the Terms & Conditions page right away. Check the company’s license; it must be current, valid, and issued by a reliable authority. If the license has expired or there’s no information about it at all, avoid playing at this casino by all means.

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