If you’ve been playing online slots for any period of time, you will no doubt have noticed the amazing choice of themes out of 800+ online slots to play.

Slots themes can be about literally anything. Some of the more common ones are based on Hollywood films, TV series, sports, mythology, ancient civilisations, adventure stories, and even outer space. Whatever you’re into, you’re likely to find a slots theme about it.

This then contributes to how popular online slots are. They cater for everybody. Everyone feels included. But do they ever cause problems?

Cultural appropriation

Cultural appropriation is defined as “the adoption of an element or elements of one culture or identity by members of another culture or identity”. This has been known to controversial when members of a ‘dominant’ culture appropriate from ‘minority’ cultures.

One such example was when an American girl was subjected to online abuse and bullying because she wore a Japanese dress to her high school prom, without knowing the significance of what the dress meant to native Japanese people.

This can go down to the ‘nth’ degree, where people are criticised for getting Maori tattoos, or for white people braiding their hair. It’s controversial, and most people have their opinion.

But whether you think it’s over-sensitive 21st century nonsense, or a valid argument we should look at as a society, are Irish-themed slots appropriate?

Celebrating the Irish culture

For a country of its size, Irish culture has gone a long way. Most anglophone countries across the globe celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and from the Midwest to the Outback, many people are proud to recognise their Irish heritage.

Of course, most cultures across the planet have fascinating stories and sagas involving memorable characters that have been passed down the generations since time immemorial. Similarly, many of them have had some impact on mainstream media in the digital age.

However, one of the main cultures where the mythology is so clearly defined has come from the Emerald Isle. With a literary culture of myths and legends dating back before the Christian Era, Ireland has produced some wonderful stories and creatures.

And how does Irish culture link in so well with online slots, making a match made in heaven? You’ve got it – it’s based on being lucky!

The theme of luck in Irish culture

Whether we’re talking about four-leaf clovers or the lucky leprechauns that adorn Irish folklore, people have been talking about the “luck of the Irish” for over 1500 years.

Naturally, it didn’t take a genius marketing campaign manager to link in this theme with online gambling.

Many online gamblers are fairly superstitious, and if they think there are folkloric forces behind them too, they’ll be willing to spin the reels a few times!

Irish themed slots

There are many Irish themed slots out there to try, possibly more based on that one island than any other anywhere. Try these Irish slots and see if you’re lucky too!

  • Rainbow Riches
  • Leprechaun Riches
  • Luck of the Irish Fortune Spins
  • Shamrock Lock
  • Leprechauns Fortune
  • Celtic Goddess
  • Lucky Emeralds
  • Finn and the Swirly Spin
  • 9 Pots of Gold
  • Charms & Clovers
  • Emerald King
  • Fairies’ Land
  • Fiddle Dee Dough
  • Gaelic Gold
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