Apart from saying ‘I do’, there are few things more important on your wedding day than the band you book to play at the reception.A good wedding band can make your wedding the one everyone remembers, or the wedding everyone forgets. It is up to you!

Throughout this article, you will learn the most important things to keep in mind when organizing a band for a Wedding.

Type of Music You Like

Given it is your wedding, it’s only fair you should get to enjoy the music that gets played all night. As a result, it is important that you play an active role in choosing the music the band will play, whoever the band is.

When you are thinking back about your wedding you want to remember all the awesome songs that were played and how much fun you had dancing the night away.

Of course, you will consider your guests and their tastes, and that will ensure they have a good time as well, but make sure you include your preferences and your personal music tastes in the final decision.

If you can find a band that doubles as a wedding DJ, that can also make a huge difference to your day. This often gives you a lot more options regarding the variety of songs and music styles you can enjoy at your wedding.

Wedding Guests

As well as thinking about the music you want to hear, it is a good idea to think about what sort of music your guests might like to hear at your wedding.If your guests aren’t having a good time then that will decrease how much fun you are having as well.The following points should be considered with respect to your wedding guests:


In terms of your guest demographics, these are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do I have a broad range of ages present? What music might these different age groups respond to and enjoy?
  • How long through the event will the different guests be present? Can I look for the wedding band to emphasize different styles at different times?
  • Are any of the groups particularly sensitive to any styles/types of music?


There may be some music traditions that you are expected or encouraged to have performed by the wedding band.

If so, make sure the band you choose understands this and has the skills and willingness to support these traditions.


An often forgotten detail when people are organizing bands for weddings is the climate and likely temperature at that time of year, for the location the wedding is planned to take place.

For example, let’s say your wedding is going to be in Brisbane (Australia), and you need Band Hire Brisbane.

As you would know, those summers in Brisbane get hot, which will influence what people feel like doing at your wedding.

If it is a crazy hot day, people are not as likely to be up dancing all night and may want to sit back a little more and enjoy the music being played from their chairs, or the bar.

Whereas in more temperature months people might be more willing to get up and engage and dance to the music the band is playing.


Another often forgotten issue in wedding band booking is the venue. Before you can even think about which wedding band is right for you, you need to know where your wedding is going to be.

If not, you could book a band that your venue either cannot facilitate or will not facilitate.

These things should be considered with regard to the best wedding band for your venue:


Check if the wedding venue you are booking has any rules or restrictions about what sort of music they permit to be played.

Some venues don’t care, whereas other venues are really specific in what they allow.

Access To Electricity

The amount of power your wedding band will have access to will be an influencing factor in what type of band you can have at your wedding.If there is only a single power point available, that will limit how many different instruments and amplifiers you will be able to play at any one time.

Whereas if you have multiple power points this won’t be an issue.

Stage Size

If your wedding venue has a stage or restricted area the wedding band will need to stand in or on, this also has an impact on the band you can consider booking for your wedding. Think about not just the number of band members, but also the different equipment each band member might have, and where the equipment will all go on the stage.

Stage Lighting

Check with your venue about what kind of lighting they have available on the stage, including lighting positions and brightness. If you are wanting the band you book for your wedding to be prominent and stand out, this will be important.

Final Thoughts

This article highlighted the key issues you need to consider organizing a band for a wedding.

Keep these things in mind, but most importantly, make sure you find a band that can play music both you and your guests can enjoy and celebrate with, on your special day.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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