The music industry is a multifaceted entity that is constantly adapting to the changing world. In this blog post, we will explore how the pandemic has affected the music market. How have changed the composing, production of music, mastering mixing, distribution, and consumption of music?

Everything has gone online

Back in the day, almost all music was produced offline. Musicians would gather in a studio, and they would record their music. Then you should have to go to a mixing mastering studio and finally you need your song to be prepared for distribution by the mastering engineer. This is no longer the case. Pandemic rushed the music industry’s transformation. Musicians had no choice but to go online. With the advent of digital technologies, musicians can now compose, produce, mix, master, and distribute their music online. And you don’t need so many people for it. You can hire a producer, mixing and mastering engineer online and that’s it.

This has had a profound effect on the music industry. For one thing, the distribution of music is now more global. It is easier than ever to share your creations with the world. Moreover, the internet has made it possible for musicians to find an audience that is interested in their music.

The price of music production has decreased

Before, you needed a studio where it is expensive and professional engineers are required which is extremely difficult for upcoming musicians. Nowadays, everything can be done in your own room using software or even production programs like Logic Pro X by Apple. The mastering mixing process is streamlined because of digital files. It is easier to produce songs without the need of buying equipment. Technology is constantly innovating, making the production of music easier and faster.

However, this has impacted the equipment that is used to produce songs such as microphones and speakers which can be very expensive for upcoming musicians.

Production of music went global

The pandemic has also impacted the way music is being produced. Musicians from all over the world can now collaborate on songs and albums. This is made possible by the internet and the advent of digital technologies.

This has had a profound effect on the music industry. For one thing, it is now possible to find musicians from all over the world and create music together. A new generation is rising with different tastes in genres and styles of music.

The music industry is constantly changing

In the past, the music industry was dominated by a few large companies. These companies controlled the distribution of music and the way it was consumed. However, the pandemic has disrupted this model.

Now, there is a greater diversity of music being produced and consumed. The internet is democratizing the music industry and creating more space for artists to be heard.

The pandemic has also impacted the way we listen to music. We are now consuming music in different ways. For example, we are listening to more podcasts and audiobooks. This is because many people are now staying at home to avoid the risk of exposure to the virus.

Music Sales is Down

There is a general consensus among experts that the pandemic is affecting music sales. For one thing, there are fewer people going to concerts because they are afraid of being exposed to the virus. Moreover, people are no longer buying albums or CDs at all because everything is available online at streaming services such as Spotify, iTunes (Apple Music), Amazon Music.

But. Vinyl sales are up. Despite the fact that sales of physical music formats are down, vinyl sales continue to increase. This is because people are now buying turntables and records and is a growing trend.

However, the impact is not very significant. There is no need to worry about the survival of the music industry because it is constantly adapting to new circumstances and is resilient enough to survive even in times like these.

This is only the beginning of the transformation

We think the music industry will continue to change and adapt new world after the pandemic. The industry is no longer the same as it was before. It is now more global and inclusive. You can see new features such as NFT’s, decentralized streaming platforms, live shows on youtube with much more views than offline gigs. Also, we can find a lot of new services for the musicians, which is really helpful in music composing, production, mixing and mastering. The pandemic has disrupted many things, but it has also created opportunities for musicians to be heard. We believe the music industry is evolving for the better and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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