Playing an instrument can offer many benefits to all. Improved cognition, time management, social skills, and fine motor skills are just some of the benefits that a piano player, for example, can expect to get. In fact, playing music is one of the forgotten but also one of the most beneficial hobbies there are. So, let’s see why you should learn how to play the piano.

Why Learn the Piano?

Most instruments out there demand eye-brain and brain-hands (fingers) communication and skills to master. Piano, on the other hand, is more difficult, as you should add the coordination between brain and feet once you start learning how to use the flats and sharps. Learning the piano, in fact, is one of the more difficult skills to master, but it has so much to give back that it is always our recommendation.

How to Learn to Play Piano at Home?

Piano, in fact, is one of the most popular instruments to learn how to play. All music education schools have at least one, and many elementary and high schools also have a piano or two. Unfortunately, it is simply too expensive for an average household to purchase.

Get a Piano

For this reason, you may want to consider purchasing a keyboard. There are many apps out there that let you play piano on your iPad. However, a keyboard is much more affordable and can be purchased in a shorter time. Most Walmarts have one, in fact.

Try It Out – Without Playing Anything in Particular

Once you have your keyboard (or a piano), try it out. You do not need to play anything in particular; just simply press the keys and listen to the sound of them. Try to hear the difference between individual keys and pay attention to half-tones – the black keys. Press the pedals and play a few notes – see the difference it makes.

Know your Notes

After this, you should really head over to the web and find some good sources that you can learn how to play music from. As a lot of these have too much theory and little useful instruction, hire Pro Essays Service to get a shortened form. Basically, you should simply ask for a guide with theoretical background excluded. This is much better than having to read volumes at a time to find a simple set of instructions where you least expect.

Train Your Hand Placement

Training the hand placement is the next best thing to do. In fact, playing the piano can get tiring. Many piano players complain of pain in their hands and shoulders. The thing is that the same way you need to learn about hand placement when typing, you should be able to do the same when playing an instrument.

Practice Your Fingers

Practicing your fingers is also necessary. In fact, some piano players will do special exercises for the fingers to improve their mobility and flexibility, as playing some pieces can be quite demanding. For this reason, practicing or exercising the fingers is the key. How to exercise your fingers? Pianote has many useful videos for you to check out.

Practice Your Muscle Memory

Practicing your muscle memory is another thing to practice when learning how to play the piano. You should, in fact, exercise it daily. Playing the piano or the keyboard may not always be the best solution, especially at night. However, using your laptop keyboard is a great solution and a great way to practice muscle memory. Use websites with fast type exercises and see how your piano skills improve.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to play any instrument is a great way to improve your mood and skill set and get a great hobby that could one day turn into an income stream for you. However, considering that music schools do not come with a low price tag, you may want to try out learning how to play an instrument by yourself. In fact, one of the best instruments to learn is the piano, and although it is not easy at moments, persist, as it gets much better very quickly.

Caitlin Ganz

Caitlin Ganz loves playing the piano. Although she’s been playing it for years, she understands that there is still a long way to go. She practices every year and hopes to one day be a professional piano player.

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