Now that winter is upon us, it is more important than ever in these dark and sometimes depressing times to remember than “Autumn holds more gold in its pocket than any other season”, as this applies to winter too.

If that can be the case for Autumn, the same applies to winter – “winter holds more silver in its pocket than any other season.” That being said, click and play online slot games are probably going to be played now more than ever as we spend more time indoors where it is nice and warm.

In winter too, it is important to remember that Christmas, Halloween and Bonfire Night are all the major holidays which are ready to gear us towards the new year celebrations.

Chilli Heat slot

You are probably wondering what chilli has to do with winter – well, winter time is when we stay inside more and likely cook more too. And what better way to get the heart warm again than a nice dish with some chilli in it?

Chilli Heat slot game is more fun than ever, and the game has been optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop, making it easier than ever too.

It’s already a big hit with players across the globe, and with both high and low values it’s not hard to see why.

Place a minimum bet of 25p and you’re in with the chance to win a big Mexican fiesta of cash, and Chilli Heat accepts payments of up to £125.

Diamond Strike slot

As the winter nights draw in, they also draw us closer. Christmas is a sentimental time, and one in which people tend to value family more than ever, which leads us to those who are in love getting engaged and presenting a diamond.

This brings us to the Diamond Strike slot, Set across a five reel and with three rows, there are 15 pay lines with diamond strike, a sparking slot game that you won’t want to miss out on.

It’s a retro style game which is also a throwback to the classic style of slot games you will find, some have even described it as a real life slot game for the digital age.

With Diamond Strike, you will find amazing features that are not usually offered with other slot games, like fantastic bonus features and an added amazing jackpot game.

Symbols include lemons, plums and cherries with melons. Then there is also a bell symbol which is worth more than the aforementioned lower-value symbols. You’ll also find a lucky seven coloured red and this gets you up to 200 coins, and a sparkling diamond is the wild.

Starburst slot game

Fireworks on bonfire night can make us look to the sky more than ever, just like the Starburst slot game.

A great choice for beginners and more advanced players alike, looking for something easygoing that still dazzles and can still be enjoyed to transport you to a world of fun.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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