Listening to music while writing is amazingly productive, yet exceptions always exist. To answer my title, music and writing go perfectly together due to numerous reasons I’m about to showcase soon.

Whether you’re a student, employee, entrepreneur, or author, I’m sure that writing is part of your everyday schedule. As you’ve already figured, your concentration levels are the primary factors that define the quality of your final work, and since concentration is often a limited resource, music can become your greatest helper.

Should you listen to music while writing? That’s what you’re about to find out.

In today’s post, I’m sharing the reasons why music and writing are the perfect matches, a combination that’ll generate motivation, inspiration, and creativity. Sometimes if the topic is too challenging, I can’t think of the appropriate ideas, and even music doesn’t help, I choose to pay someone to write my paper and spend some time writing on the topic which will be really interesting for me.

Music Boosts Concentration

There are plenty of studies that point out the impact of music on a person’s concentration.

Nevertheless, there’s a known fact that various music types like Heavy Metal, Dubstep (intense/agitated genres) or various popular songs with lyrics can create the opposite effects (loss of focus, procrastination, and stress).

To boost your concentration while writing, here’s some music to help you write:

  • Ludovico Einaudi albums
  • Classical/jazz instrumental music playlists
  • Meditation music
  • Solfeggio frequencies (healing music)
  • Epic video game music playlists
  • Nature sounds (rainfall, raining, birds, etc.)
  • Liquid drum and base (for accelerated writing)

Music Helps You Focus on Repetitive and Boring Tasks

Listening to music while writing shall help you avoid the terrible repetitive tasks that absolutely need to be done. For example, if you’re a student, you’ll be bombarded with various academic assignments. Instead of writing them in silence, create an “essay writing” playlist and leverage it whenever you write essays.

As a suggestion, here is my favorite essay writing company, a service you can use to find editors (in case you ever need it) and various music playlists that are specially designed for writing activities.

Music is Your Best Friend Against Distractions

In a lousy environment, music can be your loyal savior. If you work from home, writing will often be interrupted by various thoughts (go eat, check Facebook, check dog’s food, etc).

It goes the same with any public spaces like libraries or offices. As long as people are around, distractions may easily arise.

One of the best solutions is to use a pair of headphones to connect the music that helps you keep your mind on the job. Whenever there’s no escape from noise, leverage music!

Music Listening While Writing Can Be Made a Habit

When motivation is gone, habits can save the day. When you repeat a process over and over again, your subconscious mind will start perceiving it as something familiar, simple, and often enjoyable.

Of course, for that to work, you need to create positive associations for the habits you’re developing.

When it comes to music and writing, you can create a “writing playlist” that should be played every time you start typing. After you make it a habit, your brain will link specific music genres and specific songs to boosted productivity during the writing process, thus boosting your momentum and effectiveness.

Music Provides Inspiration

Writing is not all about productivity. It is also about originality and uniqueness, two traits that seem to be “missing” every time we seek them.

Finding the right doors to manifest your writing passion is crucially important, and certain music can help you achieve that.

For example, if you’re writing fiction or journaling, you can listen to music that helps you generate emotional states. Turn those emotions into words and go with the flow. Allow the music to shape your direction and leverage it to enhance your moods.

To gain inspiration before getting into the writing process, you can listen to music artists that resonate with your perspective. Finding them is the first step!

Final Words

Should you listen to music while writing? Now that you’re aware of the benefits, you can surely decide if you’ll make this one of your habits. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t count only on music to help you write – any dependency will disempower rather than boost your performance.

Simply perceive your writing music playlist as an enhancer that can create wonders if leveraged properly. Choose the right music for the right moods, stop it every now and then, and create a balance.

As a last advice, try to become aware of the moments when music distracts you more than it helps you because that often happens without our conscious awareness. Other than that, I’d simply advise you to get on it immediately and start writing!

Author’s Bio:

Robert Everett is a true music lover and a passionate content writer from Canada. His passion for words started in college right after landing an internship job at EduBirdie, a service that delivers academic services to students who present a tough financial situation. During his free time, Robert enjoys getting immersed in psychology books.

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