When it comes to playing online casino or online slots, there are a vast amount to choose from. Some slots are themed around popular topics, such as the treasures of Egypt, Greek gods, or even Game of Thrones style fantasy.

Indeed, some may even be inspired by shows like Game of Thrones or Family Guy, or films like the DC superhero blockbusters or Jurassic World. But there is one type of game that doesn’t just please the eyes, but pleases the ears too. That’s right – there is a considerable amount of games developed that take inspiration from the world of music.

Motorhead received its immortalization in slot form, with the aural sensation meeting the video format of online slots developed by NetEnt. The slot provides the standard gameplay expected, with the five-reels and Motorhead inspired graphics in the form of free spins, wild substitution, mystery reels, and bomber features.

The slot takes inspiration from the rock stars and takes the laissez-faire attitude to the video slot. Fans of the band can connect with the music, while also indulging in slot gameplay.

Keeping with the same Rockstar theme, KISS also received video slot treatment, with the Gene Simmons-fronted fourpiece featuring as cartoonized versions of themselves in the slot. No strangers to appearing as animations of themselves, KISS have appeared frequently in Family Guy, with Gene even playing himself as an old flame of Lois.

The eagerness that the band have to appear in this way showcases their playful side, which can be reflected in their music. Though many may be tentative about music based slots, the comments about the games are here, and the platforms in which they can be played, which allows potential fans to determine whether or not they will support their favorite rockstars this way.

Guns N Roses have also given their likeness to create a matching online slot game. The band’s high energy rock and roll is tantamount to the atmosphere and excitement of slot gameplay. The band reunited in 2017 to connect with another form of new technology – virtual reality.

Slash himself also performed for a VR audience at the Greater Los Angeles Zoo to showcase his love of the reptiles there. By showing their willingness to connect with newer tech, the band will live on not just through their music, but through the imprint left in the digital world.

In true rock and roll fashion, the slots can be played both on desktop and on mobile, with the ability to play online from any location. Fans can navigate to this website to find the best online slots sites in Canada to play that suits their interests.  

Indeed, transforming a band into an online slot is also a lucrative business deal, and acts as a way of promotion, which can benefit a band, no matter how big or small, greatly. Fans of the band will connect with the online slot and may learn a new hobby, while those unfamiliar with the band may discover new music through playing the online slot.

Overall, adding bands as a theme of online casino is a mutually beneficial arrangement for all parties – but most importantly the ears of those playing the slot. 

Written by Stop The Breaks
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