G season is officially upon us as Raging Moses re-ups with a two-pack of new raps titled Head Full Of Dreams.

On Delay, Moses thrusts the unsuspecting listener into that awkward space known as waiting. Whilst being trapped between nostalgia and future regrets, Moses bares his soul like someone getting things off their chest before certain death. He honestly shows how the vulnerability of soul searching in the hopes of finding the whole person in the rubble of broken identity is not an option, but a must. The hook section reminds him, and us, that God’s love remains constant during life’s quest.

Following a seamless transition, Decide forgoes the meditative slow groove of the former and replaces it with urgency and fervency. Moses verse is a real-time demonstration of decentralization of one’s dichotomy. It’s a wonder to listen to. Moses is joined by Jae Mitch who treats the smooth instrumental like his place of abode. He comes in, takes a seat, makes himself at home and flows with ease. This couplet is particularly impressive.

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