Grafh is one of the best New York City street rappers of his era, with his unorthodox flow and his ominous tales. After his appearance (“I Play Forever”) on one of the highlights from Royce 5’9”s recently released The Allegory Grafh is back with more of that gutter New York rap, as he releases the second single, “Who Shot Ya” featuring Hopsin from his forthcoming project Oracle III; which will be released on 3-6-20.

“The Oracle series is a series that Green Lantern & I created together because they are some of my fans favorite bodies of work from me. We really created Part 3 and made it a trilogy because of popular demand” Grafh asserted.

With “Who Shot Ya” Grafh and Hopsin “separate the weak from the weak” over a Mr. Porter production.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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