Let’s face it, the idea of being unique is basically a fantasy in this day and age. Everyone complains about the musicĀ  industry being over-saturated but in reality, we’re just scared to stand out.

In a perfect world, this would be the best time to be an independent artist. Not only do you get to keep all the rights to your music, but you also have access to million dollar resources for pennies.

Back in the day, you could spend up to $10,000 for a good beat and more just to record and have your song mix & mastered.

Today you can get an industry quality beat for less than $30 and a good mix on your vocals for around the same price.

So why is it that so many creatives are still drowning in obscurity?

The answer is simple: everyone is doing the same exact thing. Producers are making the same beats and artists are biting each other’s style.

This creates a stagnancy that would require a massive marketing budget and a long list of connections to break out of. That’s probably the only reason why certain major artists are still relevant… Which means that if you’re still grinding and you sound exactly like 90% of what’s already out there, you’re basically screwed.

Super Producer, Sage Sound seemed to notice this trend and has made an effort to put together one of the most dynamic beat catalogs on the internet – specifically for artists who aren’t afraid to step out of the “cookie-cutter” comfort zone and stand out from the crowd.

He refuses to put himself in a box and creates a variety of instrumentals that allows the artist to explore different vibes and find a unique sound in the process.

But don’t just take my word for it: you can download 3 FREE samples of his production here and experience what I’m trying to describe to you first hand.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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