Whenever you play casino games online, you must do so in the most genius way, digital-wise. There is no escaping the reality that online casino games have everything to do with money transfers in various ways. When you deposit money into your casino account and when you make those withdrawals after winning, you must be sure to do so most safely and comfortably.

It is due to this need that online casinos have now partnered with numerous third-party payment service providers and have enabled several banking procedures to make sure that all their customers are furnished with a wide variety of different options to transact without glitches.

Just like it is with players in other countries, New Zealanders, have particular and special desires. Kiwis wish for means to enable them to make transactions with online casinos in their own currency to reduce the cost of exchange and create an easy wagering process for themselves. Thankfully, Kiwis have nothing to be bothered about as they have at their disposal, sufficient alternatives they can try out to make these transactions.

But it can get a little bit tasking when you have to choose from this abundance of options. We have, therefore, decided to help you review all of the most popular methods for casino deposits in New Zealand. All you have to do is to make your choice from our list of the most popular payment methods for New Zealand gamers below to make transactions with your money most safely and efficiently.

Credit And Debit Cards

In New Zealand, the majority of the casinos there allow you to make deposits and similarly make withdrawals with the use of either credit cards or specific debit card options. Only a few of these casinos approve the use of American Express Club and Diners Club Cards, but a lot of them will allow you to use your MasterCard and Visa cards.

Payments via credit card allow you to the game with your casino credits practically immediately at NZ$5 casinos featured here – https://casinodeps.co.nz/5-dollar-casinos/, while withdrawals could tarry for about 3 to 5 days before it gets into your private bank account.

If you have worries concerning giving up personal card information whenever you fill forms for submissions online, because it leaves you at the mercy of l credit card fraudsters, you can now be relaxed as there are new security measures to ensure your information is kept safe.


  • Typical purchasing procedure
  • Prompt deposits
  • High spending thresholds


  • Prolonged waiting time for withdrawals
  • A data leak can be really bad for you
  • Expensive transaction fees on large sums


E-wallets or electronic wallets virtual third-party accounts that enable you to make transactions as deposits to and withdrawals from online casinos with an additional tier of security. Your e-wallet is tied to your bank account or credit card from which it is also funded.

Once you have credited it with money, this deposit option enables you to pay in and take out funds in no time without the need to provide any personal banking details to the casino operators.

Some of the most prominent e-wallets used by Kiwis at New Zealand Casinos, PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. These electronic wallets are more casino–friendly and do not wear you out with their funds’ withdrawal process.


  • One-time deposits
  • Swift withdrawals
  • Reduced transaction costs


  • You are not allowed to enjoy certain casino bonuses.

Bank Transfers

There are a lot of firms that deliver immediate bank transfer services. Chief amongst them for the Kiwis is the POLi bank transfer payment method.

These third-party bank transfer service providers furnish you with an enhanced level of security when you make payments at any online casino. By choosing the payment option, their proxy server will enable you to access your private New Zealand Bank account and send out deposits swiftly to the casino.

By this, you avert the usual waiting time you get with regular bank transfers. No need to input your banking details when you use this method. So, you can relax.


  • Prompt payments
  • Free deposit option
  • Enhanced security


  • Funds withdrawal is not possible when you use this option.

Rapid Transfers

Rapid Transfer is a popular bank transfer payment method that rids you of any fuss or fees to complete your transactions. You are not required to open an account, submit any form, or install any application. All you need is a ban that supports this payment option and for you to play at any NZ casino. Once you do this, you can make deposits in 5 simple steps.

1. Choose “Rapid Transfer” from the payment options provided on the casino’s cashier portal.

2. Put in the amount you want to pay.

3. Specify your bank.

4. Indicate your chosen account when you log in to your bank account

5. Verify your deposit and collect your receipt.


  • It offers a free payment option
  • Swift transactions
  • No need for a credit card
  • No need to create an account
  • Immediate Receipt
  • It is a secure payment method


  • It can only be used for deposits
  • Available just in several countries
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