Bingo, eh? When most people think of a gambling game to play they would go straight to the world of online slots, for instance, or perhaps the infamous roulette wheel if they happen to be inside a brick and mortar casino. But bingo can often be left on the proverbial side of the road here, because it is a game that is commonly thought of as more of a hobby for old people or something that is used in school classrooms to teach kids about mathematics.

The reality is, however, that bingo is actually one of the most played gambling games in the world, something that has been massively accentuated by the rise of online bingo. Online bingo makes it so much easier for people to play no deposit bingo, as they never even have to leave their own homes. This is also something that has attracted many more young people to the bingo world. But is bingo becoming a trend amongst young people? Read on to find out. 

A brief history of bingo

First things first, let’s take a little look at the history of bingo, because it is always good to get a bit of foundational knowledge about the subject. The origins of bingo can be traced all the way back to the 16th century, where a lottery style game called “Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia” was played in Italy.

This sowed the seeds for bingo as we know it today, however it would still be a few hundred years until the game flowered into modern bingo. In the 1800s the Germans used a bingo variant extensively in order to teach their school pupils, and by the early 20th century bingo was played all around the world. But here’s the thing: bingo wasn’t even called bingo until a budding businessman called Edwin S. Lowe proposed the name change. 

The classic demographic of bingo players

Typically bingo in the 20th century hasn’t really been something that young people have historically clambered to play, and the classic demographic of bingo players was quite well established throughout this time. Bingo has typically been seen as an old people’s game, and that is something backed up by the general clientele in bingo halls up and down the country.

Another key part of the bingo demographic comes from schools as well, because young children are often shown the game of bingo in order to help them grapple with simple mathematical concepts, or just to get better acquainted with the world of numbers. 

Bingo in the 21st century

Bingo in the 21st century is quickly changing to become a genuine bona fide gambling game that many people can play and enjoy. One of the main areas in which this is happening is with young people, where things like bingo club nights and online bingo are attracting fair more young bingo players. 

Is bingo becoming a trend amongst young people?

It does seem as though bingo is becoming more and more of a trend amongst young people these days, especially with the rise of things like bingo club nights.

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