Undergoing programs to recover from addiction is an enormous task. It is very challenging as the addicted individual will have to wage a war against their inner demons like temptation, cravings, guilt, shame, anxiety, insecurity, and many more. While recovering, individuals have to face their past actions and come to terms with themselves.

If you have a loved one who is in rehab, trying to recover or know someone who already recovered, remember that it is a very challenging task to enter society as a sober person. You can read the article to know some of the common challenges faced by people during recovery.

1. Finding new coping strategies

Being sober is not just about quitting the use of alcohol or drugs; it is more about establishing a healthy lifestyle that will promote recovery. During the process of recovery, it is common for an individual to get tempted and feel stressed. Therefore, it is very crucial to find new coping strategies that will reduce their cravings and help in controlling their anxiety.

In rehab like Daybreak Alcohol & Drug Rehab near Philadelphia, they will help in developing new coping strategies and promote a healthy and safe environment for the individual. They will also monitor the individual and provide them personalized counseling, therapy, and other treatments based on the needs of the person. They will find the things or events that trigger the individual, identify dangerous behaviors, and then come up with coping strategies.

2. Facing trauma without the help of alcohol and drugs

Majority of the people who are addicted use drugs and alcohol to cope with trauma and shame. During addiction treatment, they are made to deal with such situations without taking the help of drugs, which is very challenging for an addicted individual. To face their past, shame, and themselves without taking drugs take a lot of time, will, and courage.

3. Relapse

One of the biggest challenges faced by a majority of addicts is relapse. A relapse can happen any time; it can happen during treatment or even after it. It is a traumatizing experience where the individual may feel hopeless and guilty. They will feel like a failure and may lose trust in the recovery program and the path they are following. This can increase their stress and anxiety; making the addicted individual go back to their old ways.

Recovering individuals need to understand that relapse is very common and can happen to anyone and at any time. With the help of rehab and a proper support system, they can successfully recover and return to their sober life.

4. Repairing the old relationships

One of the biggest disadvantages of addiction is that it will not just affect the life of the person who is using it, but it will also damage and affect the people who love them. While using the substance, the addicted person may emotionally and physically hurt the people who are around them. It can damage family and strain relationships. Therefore, facing and conversing with them can be very challenging.

The addicted individuals may feel guilt and shame. But they need to be persistent and try to repair the relationship.

5. Finding purpose

When an individual is addicted, his only purpose is drugs or alcohol. His whole thought will be occupied with acquiring the drugs and using them. They will be leading a life without any purpose and after recovery finding a new purpose can be very challenging.

Discovering what one wants to do is very tricky for even someone who has never abused any substance. But it is crucial for someone who is recovering to find purpose because it will keep them occupied and away from the thoughts of drugs.

Understand that recovering from addiction can be very challenging. It will need persistence, willpower, and courage to face all the challenges during recovery. So, if you know someone who is recovering from addiction, support them and make them feel safe.

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