If you think that you could never be an A-B student, you may be right – unless you change the way you think about learning. As an essay writer free, I know that successful students aren’t just born smart; rather, they understand that the purpose of education is to and then to apply them. Following are some tips for taking a smarter approach to your classes.

Identify the purpose of the assignment

For every music assignment and every chapter in the textbook, there is a skill to be practiced or learned that will help you be successful on future assignments and in future classes. Don’t just memorize what you need in order to pass the test. Seek to truly understand what is being taught so that you can keep using what you have learned after you get the grade.

Know what you don’t know about the subject

Do you feel lost in class? Don’t panic; instead, figure out what you do understand, then exactly which parts you don’t understand. If it turns out that you have one simple question, go ahead and raise your hand and ask; there’s a good chance that something wasn’t explained well enough and others might have the same question. If your question is more complicated, write it down so you don’t forget, then seek help after class. Most importantly, don’t give up, or you may just feel more confused later.

Don’t be afraid to ask for extra help

Teachers want most of all for their students to learn, and they especially love to see students care enough about their education to take responsibility for themselves. A good teacher will never turn down a genuine request for help. However, if you ask for help at a time that your teacher is busy, it may seem like he or she doesn’t want to help you, so be considerate – make sure you talk to your teacher at a time that is good for both of you.

Make the most of your time in class

Give your full attention to the subject while you are in class, and you won’t have to spend as much time studying and outside of music class. Actively listen to the information the first time your teacher gives it, and participate in the activities, which are designed to help you remember what you’ve learned. This is much easier and more effective than later trying to find the material in the textbook or study guide the night before the test, and besides that, you’ll get better grades on in-class assignments.

Figure out where your grades are coming from

Students often put most of their effort toward “major” grades such as music tests, papers, and projects, but usually, the difference between a D and a B is in the day-to-day grades. Does your teacher give points for daily participation, at-the-bell-work, pop quizzes, journaling, or independent reading? It doesn’t take very many weeks of blowing off these seemingly insignificant grades before they add up to equal a test grade. Make a habit of regularly doing the work, whether or not it seems important, and as a bonus, you will probably find that you feel more prepared for the test.

Know what is required for full credit

How do you make sure to get the best score possible on every music assignment? Double-check to make sure you understand what you’re supposed to do and when it’s due. Forgetting to complete an assignment or failing to notice all of the directions are throwing away easy points. Whenever your teacher makes an assignment, write it down immediately in a place you won’t forget to look, whether it’s in a notebook, a daily planner, or on the back of your hand. Later, you can even set an alarm on your cell phone to help you remember. Also, make sure you complete ALL of the assignments. If there is an assignment sheet, read it completely and use it as a checklist to make sure you have followed all of the directions.

Utilize your resources

If you have talked to your teacher and still feel that you need extra help, try these options:
  • Ask an older friend or relative for help.
  • Visit your music school librarian and ask for help.
  • Ask a former teacher that you trust for help.
Written by Stop The Breaks
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