Can you think of a more exciting and modern gambling game than online slots these days? Sure, the burgeoning world of live casino is getting more and more advanced as time goes on, and you can never forget about the thrilling world of sports betting, but is there really anything that can be more fun than spinning the reels of your favourite online slots in 2021? There is seemingly no end to how amazingly these games can be designed, and it has led to an incredible level of popularity over the last two decades since their creation – click here.

There are realistically all kinds of reasons as to why online slots have become the gambling juggernauts that they are today, however one of the main ones is that modern online slots are just so complex. There are so many different parts to a modern online slot game, for example, and this makes them insanely fun to play. Wild icons are some of the best things that gamblers can find whilst playing slot games online, but what are they? Read on to find out.

What is the wild symbol in online slots?

Right then, first things first, what is the wild symbol in online slots? In many ways you can think of the wild symbol in online slots as something akin to the joker in a pack of cards. This is because in pretty much all cases wild icons are allowed to substitute with any other symbol (other than the scatter usually) in order to form a winning symbol combination on a pay line.

The wild symbol has been present in the slots world for several decades now, however it is in the age of online slot gambling that they have really came into their own. Wild icons in slots are often very well designed too, made to be the most eye-catching symbol in the game.  

Why do people love the wild symbol in online slots so much?

It is truly difficult to play an online slot these days that doesn’t have a wild symbol included in its gameplay, and that is because the wild symbol is so adored by slot gamblers all around the world. But here’s the thing: have you ever wondered why this is the case? Here are a few reasons why people love the wild symbol in online slots so much:

  • Wins out of nothing: By far the best thing about wild symbols is that they can effectively help gamblers create wins out of thin air! It is pretty annoying when you are just one matching symbol off of a winning combination, isn’t it? With wild icons this is a thing of the past, because they can slot right in.
  • Bigger multipliers: Not only do wild icons help you make winning symbol combinations out of seemingly nothing, but they can also end up winning gamblers a lot more money too. This is because wins made with wild symbols often come attached with larger multipliers!
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