A mixture of Shabby Chic decor and 80s sounds pretty interesting and awesome! It certainly isn’t for everyone, but mostly for those who are not afraid to experiment and express their wild, yet creative side.

People used to say they love to hate the 80s style, however, if you pay close attention to it, you will quickly realize that it is a decade of inventiveness and originality when it comes to design, and although it has some over-the-top moments, it represents a crucial moment in the interior design industry.

So, when you combine it with shabby chic elegance, you get something unique that creates a perfect balance between something vibrant and striking, and something soft and neutral. Is it worth trying? We definitely say yes, especially with these tips!


There isn’t anything tackier than fluorescent pink, green, or yellow. These radiant colors can be used for any walls of the room. You can even combine it perfectly with some neutral shades as well.

A lot of people love to use neon-colored artworks that accentuate their bold and courageous side, and they provide contrast in rooms with constrained color palettes. With neon colors, you will efficiently energize any living space.


Most homes that were built in the 80s usually had vinyl tile, wood flooring, plush carpeting in various hues, starting from dark green to dusty pink. If you want to refresh and breathe new life into your house, do that by placing wood, laminate, or huge ceramic tile in soft, trendy styles.

Now, if you decide to do this, make sure to consult a professional before eliminating vinyl tile flooring because some of them were made with hazardous asbestos approximately more than thirty years ago.

With the help of an expert, you will be able to install brand-new flooring and get rid of the old ones. If they contained asbestos, that it would be recommendable to remove it as quickly as possible.

Bedroom in Shabby Chic Style

Those who want to embellish their bedroom with shabby chic decorations can do this by implementing a couple of things. Creative stylists at VisionBedding.com advise you to incorporate paint in gentle tones like beige, white, pale pink, or blue. All these colors will subtly transform your furniture, walls, or floors.

Besides, you should also look for first-class bed linens in white or any other pastel colors that come with dainty floral prints and ruffles. With these patterns, you can easily mix and match things.

If you want to purchase something affordable, yet durable, make sure to check out the yard sales nearby, where you will be able to easily find high-quality wood furniture that can be painted.


Nothing says Shabby Chic more than vintage design and antiques. Both of these elements are crucial if you want to accomplish this look. There are two options at your disposal in this situation.

You can either pay a visit to the nearest antique store, to see whether they have something unique that matches your style. Or, if you’re tight on a budget, you can recreate that old-school look by yourself.

Try to find vintage-related house decors, such as blue mason jars, old-fashioned trunks, ceramic crocks, burlap-covered packages, as well as retro distressed bird cages, and many others. We just listed a few.

Memphis Design

This design was established almost forty years ago by Ettore Sottsass, who was an industrial designer. Namely, the Memphis Group was basically a design company from Italy, that specialized in developing ceramics, furniture, metal and glass projects, and fabrics with postmodern style.

The biggest hallmarks of this movement are pop art, daring graphic shapes, Art deco design, along with bold colors. Even though many people perceive this look too eccentric and weird, over the past couple of years, it has become extremely popular and can be seen in designer showrooms and museums.

Iconic MotivesĀ 

During the 1980s, everyone knew highly-reputable artist Keith Haring. Many consider him to be synonymous with this decade and its culture. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many people applied his art to many things, starting from T-shirts, to walls, murals, etc.

Even though his figures had some socio-political connotation, it didn’t stop many artistic individuals to instantly fall in love with his art. Although, it’s rare to see his covers and wallpapers in a bedroom or any other for that matter, utilizing his framed prints may be a great idea if you want to light up your space with some vibrant colors.

Candles and Flowers

If you’re looking to find a way to light up your space, the perfect way to brighten it up is by utilizing candles that come with a wonderful fragrance. Besides, if you add some lovely-looking fresh colorful flowers and scatter them around, you will make your house much more cozy and sophisticated.

Make sure to find either a pale pink or white vase to complement these flowers, and you can freely add some of your favorite books to add more colors to this scheme. Floral patterns are generally always a good idea, even when found on pillows.

Shabby Chic White Bedroom

Although usually, a white bedroom represents something calm and peaceful, if it isn’t done right, it may look too boring and sterile. Fortunately, all-white bedrooms in a shabby chic style usually have a lot of unique lines, textures, along with romance to make this space more calm and welcoming. It’s all about simplicity and elegance and that’s exactly how a shabby chic bedroom is supposed to look like.

Furniture in 80s Style

A lot of people have rounded sofas in different shades, such as green, gray, mauve, and gray and most of them need some upgrading. Now, if you are in a mood to do it, make sure to purchase some neutral-colored blankets or slipcovers to give your furniture that necessary update. Coordinate some nice curtains or even Roman shades with your brand-new furniture. This style was extremely popular during the 80s.

Simple and small upgrades are enough to enhance your house. It doesn’t take too much money to refresh and modernize your home. Provide your house with the desired makeover by implementing some of these suggestions. Interesting colors, textures, and prints are always more than welcome.

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