Music has to be the top entertainment genre of all time. It’s not an argument but rather a statement of fact. Music is used everywhere, from games and movies to online casinos and even while holding on to speak to customer service. Music is everywhere and is, as argued here, it is the number one entertainment genre of all time.

All other entertainment genres have music as part of them, and regardless of what your top hobby or pastime is, there will need to be an aspect of music or a soundtrack for it to be memorable, and here are the trends to look out for.

Music in games

Gaming has slowly become one of the fastest-growing hobbies and pastimes across the globe, and as such, it is also becoming very much part of the music industry. Every game has a soundtrack, and most of these are bespoke to the game. It’s the music that becomes associated with the game most. Others also add to the gaming music with their own second layer of personal sounds and music to keep them psyched for the game. If you’re playing your favorite slots at then the experience isn’t complete without a soundtrack, whether it’s the game music or the additional sounds that you have playing to motivate and encourage. This aspect of music is making vast changes and developments in the industry, and even in the way we approach gaming music is changing.

More music sent viral by Tik Tok

Tik Tok is actually dominating the music scene and is expected to take more of a stake as we move into the future. Just recently, there have been several instances of social media sending old songs to the top of the charts, and this is a trend that Tik Tok is expected to pilot into the new era of music-led, short clips and entertainment. How music is used and experienced on social media like Tik Tok is changing music forever. A 3- or 4-minute song is too long, and even a 1-minute looped hook from a popular song is able to keep people entertained online. It’s all in how the music is used.

More live music, just with a twist

There is a surge in the number of artists looking to perform at festivals and live concerts. And for some, it will be without a single live fan in the audience. The pandemic that forced live music to go virtual has left us with the tech, knowledge, and experience to continue this trend. Live music will continue to be on the increase, but some of this increase will be the virtual concerts and shows.

There is just no stopping it, and although the manner in which we access and listen to music may be ever-changing, the principle remains the same, music is the soundtrack to our lives, and we all need it in some form or another. Music is definitely the best entertainment genre of all time.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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