We often think of footballers as people who spend their whole career in the sport. They play, before going on to either manage, coach, work in TV or somewhere else that is related to football.

However, the beautiful game is not enough for some, these players need to look elsewhere to get their fix and try something completely out of the blue.

Not too many have turned to the music business, and three players from England stick out as being part of the group that have tried. It is probably fair to say that this has been met with varied success.

Here is a look at some English footballers who have given music a try, rather than going down traditional routes within the game.

Dion Dublin

Dion Dublin has made a name for himself in terms of making music, rather than singing or being part of a band. Dublin is a TV presenter now, but during his playing days he spent time with Aston Villa, Coventry and Norwich amongst other clubs.

His work in the music industry comes by creating an instrument that people can use. He named it The Dube, and it is a percussion instrument in the shape of a cube, coming in different sizes and shapes. This can be used by a band while playing live, or by a DJ doing a live set. It hasn’t brought him fame, but Dublin is a footballer who has tried his hand with music.

Daniel Sturridge

Known for being at the heart of the attack, when it comes to music, Daniel Sturridge takes a backseat role. He loves hip-hop music and that has led him to create his own record label to release records. This began back in 2018 and is something that Sturridge wants to do after his football career has finished.

For now, while still playing football, he may struggle to find the time to juggle both, so it may be a case of wait and see on this one. Sturridge is without a club right now, but has been rumoured to be heading back to the Premier League this season. Those who bet on football will be keeping a close eye on this, and newbettingsites.uk will help you decide which betting app is best when you want to place a wager.

John Barnes

John Barnes was a great of the English game in the late 80s and early 90s. He didn’t just play football though, and got involved in music during his playing days, which resulted in a couple of high chart appearances.

Barnes hit the top five in the charts with Anfield Rap about his team Liverpool back in 1988 before appearing as a guest on the New Order sone World in Motion in 1990, which went to number one. Barnes clearly loved mixing football and music, finding the time to bring together his two passions in life for some songs that many fans of his and Liverpool will never forget.

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