A new documentary ‘DMV’ created in collaboration by Fête record label and multidisciplinary creative platform, Noble People, is the first overarching documentation of the burgeoning rap scene in the DMV area.

The 25-minute project identifies the legacy of the go-go genre and its lasting impact on the local urban music scene, namely its use of live bands, unyielding work ethic, and its preference for soulful and uplifting beats paired with heartfelt lyricism.

Through interviews with the rising artists and figures in the local industry, ‘DMV’ draws parallels between seemingly disconnected movements, highlighting the importance of collaboration in order to once and for all put DC, Maryland and Virginia on the map.

Featuring: Jay IDK, Lightshow, Chaz French, Phil Ade, Innanet James, Dre The Mayor (368 Music Group), Saba Abraha, Mikeyy, Sir E.U, and Yudu Gray Jr. (House Studios).

Directed by: Undine Markus.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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