Music is a beautiful experience in itself. You will make one of the best decisions by inculcating it in your life. What better way than to learn a guitar. Pick up that beauty and make notes dance on your fingers. Who knows, you may end up giving your heart to it, which we are sure that you will. Learning to play guitar requires patience and discipline. But you will embark on a musical adventure daily. It will get you out of your comfort zone and enhance your growth.

To begin with, It is essential that you choose a suitable guitar for yourself. Ranging from acoustic to electric, you can find some of the best guitars here. Select one depending on your music taste. This will help you in keeping up your learning spirit. Before you start, here are some reasons that will make your desire to learn guitar stronger.

Boosts Memory

Have you seen your favorite artists jam on their guitars for hours in a concert? You might wonder how they remember all that. Well, it is by repeatedly practicing the majestic instrument. Research suggests that playing guitar stimulates your brain entirely. Practicing a variety of scales, chords, and progressions for hour’s results in better memorization skills. Thus, helping in quicker recovery and storage of memory.

Ignites Creativity

Learning a guitar involves creativity and ignites musical imagination. Trying different chord and riff combinations excites one. As you proceed, the will to innovate and make songs increases as well. Even when you are not playing, various melodies make room in your imagination. Stretching your creative muscles gets more manageable with the guitar. You will not tire of finding the next best chord.

Alleviates stress and Anxiety

Music is therapeutic. For relieving mental health issues, music is recognized clinically. Practicing guitar is cathartic as you strum tunes out. It is an excellent way of releasing emotional outbursts. Meditation is said to take one in a flow state and so does the regular practice of music. Guitar involves multiple senses and engages your brain. This lowers your heart rate and calms your nerves.

Instills Discipline

Discipline is a virtue behind success. Most great artists practice for hours a day to get better each day. At the learning stage, it is essential to have a disciplined routine.  Regular practice is needed for playing well. It is frustrating in the beginning as the guitar requires patience. Keeping up with the schedule instills self-control. Playing guitar develops a persevering mindset for life and promotes growth.

Improves Coordination

Learning an instrument improves motor skills. Playing guitar involves eye and hand coordination, which develops over time. Practicing complex movements over the fret board while strumming increases dexterity. Clumsy people benefit a lot in everyday life with improved coordination. Beginners often complain of slower hand movements than their thoughts. This happens as your body is adjusting to specific actions of muscles.

A lot of people pick up the guitar to impress and leave it in the middle. With awareness of the benefits involved, it becomes easier to stick with it. Playing guitar is a valuable gift. It broadens our perspective and enriches life.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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