Playing slots online is one of the easiest things you will ever learn. But there are some words, terms, and topics you should understand. These can be crucial for playing online slots in casinos. If you just start playing without knowing the facts, you will end up losing all the money. Your time and efforts will be in vain. So, let’s get to know these terms and play online slots like a pro!

What is RTP? (Return To Player)

RTP stands for “Return to player”. It simply means the percentage of getting a payout from an online slot over a period of time. It tells how many times you can match symbols in the reel. It is a very important aspect of online slots. This RTP percentage varies from game to game. Each game has its own RTP rate. Generally, online slots have RTP from 96% to 98%. So, RTP with 97% means you have a good chance to walk out with a bit of money. But RTP with 94% is a pretty bad choice to play and blow up all your money. For a beginner, it is important to check out the RTP of online slots. Just remember “The greater the RTP, the better the game is”.

What is RNG? (Random Number Generator)

RNG stands for “Random number generator”. You can hear about RNG more often in online slots. It is a process of how the slot operates. This program creates a number for each spinning reel. These generated numbers are random and independent. So, it is impossible to predict the next result. It makes the online slots fair for everyone. RNG is an amazing piece of technology that made a great evolution in online slots. Without RNG, online slots are pretty much useless. Before RNG, the only physical process had been required for gambling.

Slot Paylines

Slot payline is a vital term for players to understand before playing. It will bring you winnings if the right amount of symbols fall into the slots activated payline. In one line-“Payline is a winning set of the symbol”. The number of payline depends on how many reels there are on the online slot. Usually, there are 20 to 30 paylines there. These paylines can move to many ways like straight, diagonally, horizontally, or scattered. Scatter pay is a new addition in online slots. It can create winnings by a special symbol even if they are not on the payline. It is important to place your bet and activate the number of payline before spinning the reels. Otherwise, the slot machines have their fixed paylines.

Extra Information!

There are many types of symbols in online slots. When the players hit spin, they appear on the reel. The shape and kind of symbol depend on the theme. Every symbol has its value. Scatter is a special kind of symbol. It gets the player winning if it appears on the payline. The wild symbol lets the player replace any other symbol except the scatter symbol.
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