According to the most credible essay service write my essays, which can help during the studying process, the most talented songwriters manage to stay on top of the music industry for six or seven years. After that, they tend to write out and replaced by new talents. Many people don’t even consider the job of a songwriter to be a serious profession. Well, tell that to Mr. Timbaland, LP, and Taylor Swift who earn millions of dollars.

However, creating a real hit is not that easy. It has nothing similar to ordering a paper from an online essay service. You can create lyrics that are technically correct and are written according to all the canons but it won’t have that vibe. Where is that edge of producing something truly inspiring and catchy? Today, we prepared 10 excellent pieces of advice for songwriting.

Do not overload the song with information

You don’t want a song to turn into a bacchanalia. Take a story and work on making it simple and clear. Take care of the future listeners of your creation. Don’t add too many details, metaphors, allusions, and other stylistic figures of speech.

Even if you can’t wait to share the story and your feelings, don’t try to squeeze everything in the first verse. When you read a book, you don’t want to know who is the bad guy at the very beginning.

Determine your target

Who are you writing a song for? If you create song lyrics just for yourself, you don’t have any limits in expressing your thoughts. However, if you want your song to become public, you have to make sure that it will be understood by others. Again, it’s like writing a book.

The author of the book “Photoshop for Dummies” won’t use complicated terms and technical explanations. If a reader or, in our case, a listener won’t get the meaning, he won’t listen to your song again. Therefore, you have to use precise words and context when you work on lyrics for different artists.

The style of the lyrics must correspond to the music style

Lyrical melodies don’t harmonize with humorous texts. The festive and sophisticated music won’t go well with sad love songs. Thus, if the artist offers you to create lyrics for an existing melody, try to feel the content of the song before taking a pen. Music always hides a future text. Your task is to hear it.

Who is the main hero?

A listener of a song must associate himself with the hero (heroes) of the lyrics. There’s hardly a person in the world who has never gone through a tough breakup, unrequited love, betrayal, loss, etc. You want to touch the nostalgic heartstrings of the future audience.

The chorus must have bright figures

The lyrics of the song and its chorus, in particular, must have bright, rememberable, fresh figures and images. There are thousands of love songs. Your task is to find a new order of using the old words.

You have to create delicious and mouthwatering lyrics that stick in people’s minds. We all had that feeling when we can’t get a song out of our heads. That’s irritating! But it also means that the producer and the songwriter did a great job.

Every word has a weight

Do you know what makes a good text different? Every word in it is in the right place. Songs are built on rhyme and accord to make it easier for people to sing along with.

The rhyme must be obvious and not cause doubts. On the other hand, it should not be trite. Therefore, consider and analyze every word before releasing a final version of the lyrics.

Do not copy

If you managed to create an excellent song, it doesn’t mean that you have to stick to the same template. Don’t use identical formulae! Try various options and don’t be scared to experiment. We all know those artists whose songs sound the same. They have similar tunes and rhymes. Be creative!

Use daily words

Ken Hill recommends using words and phrases we use in our everyday speech. For example, if someone says “I’ve got this feeling”, I start singing Justin Timberlake’s song in my head. When the word “perfect” comes up, I recollect the romantic lyrics by Ed Sheeran. Don’t use complicated and sophisticated phrases. Clearly, you can make accents. But the whole text must be built of our everyday vocabulary.

Don’t mind the way rhymes look on paper

You can’t write a song relying on the beauty of the alphabetic combinations. Play with the words and successful combinations out loud. If you have a package of excellent rhymes, it will be easier to work on the next song.

If you have a list of good rhymes you write down every time you are inspired, you just need to gather everything in one single text. The process of writing a song requires time. It doesn’t mean that you need to finish lyrics in one go.

Don’t overuse but also don’t neglect the patterns

Songwriters use particular patterns that are called the scheme of rhymes. The lines where the last words rhyme with each other are labeled with letters. Thus, we will have the line A, B, C, etc. If the line doesn’t rhyme, authors label it as X. Here are some popular templates:

  • AAAA;
  • ABBA;
  • AABB;
  • ABAB;

Besides, songs frequently use such schemes as XAXA, AXXA, and AAXA.

Songwriting requires inspiration and lots of talent. I hope that our simple rules will help you to create a real hit that will have millions of likes and downloads!

Written by Stop The Breaks
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