Hip-Hop music and fashion have always seemed to have an intertwined relationship with one another, and a recent study by the new site M, by Macy’s, calculates just how interconnected the two are from the past two decades.

Overall, Gucci tops the charts as the most-mentioned designer brand with a total of 1,067 mentions, 132 of which were from 2014 alone. Both Prada and Versace round out the other high-end brands that made the list with 431 and 354 total mentions respectively.

But when it comes to streetwear, Nike is the most mentioned brand in hip-hop music, beating out Adidas by 400 mentions and Timberland by 439 mentions. Loved by millions around the world and worshipped by Nelly in his ‘Air Force Ones’, Nike appears in a whopping 687 total songs.

As for the rappers who are name-dropping these brands the most, it’s Soulja Boy who leads the way with 27 total mentions of Gucci and 12 total mentions of Versace in his songs. Both Mac Dre and Game tie for lead in mentioning Nike within their tracks.

The study’s data was collected from 1995 to August 2015. Make sure to head on over to “M” to check out the 3 charts that show more hip-hop and fashion statistics, and be sure to click on the individual bars and lines to get more detailed information. Like how Gucci tops the brand charts with mentions in 68 tracks alone in 2015 (up to and including August).

Click image to open interactive version (via m).

Written by Stop The Breaks
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