Munchies (VICE’s food channel) drops the newest episode of Fuck, That’s Delicious featuring Action Bronson.

On this episode of Fuck, That’s Delicious, Action Bronson take us to the most out of bounds, unreal food tour of New York City ever committed to film. Mr. Wonderful allowed us access to ground zero of baklava production, his Aunt’s house. 

Viewers also get an all access tour of Kew Garden’s most exclusive pizza parlour, Dani’s House Pizza. If all of this wasn’t enough, Action made his milkshake dreams come true by visiting desert iconoclast, Christina Tosi, at Milkbar to transform the baklava into a milkshake. 

We finished up our New York adventure with post hand tattoo smorgasbord of Korean fried chicken and White Castle cheeseburgers.


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Written by Stop The Breaks
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