Blu & Exile’s first collaboration album, Below The Heavens, was one of the most acclaimed hip-hop albums in the post-2000s era when it dropped in 2007. Unfortunately the record quickly ran out of print and fans have been demanding more physical copies.

Thankfully for those hip-hop heads still searching for their copy of Below The Heavens, Blu & Exile have just announced that they’ll be reissuing the album in 3 formats: CD, vinyl and a limited edition cassette.

Check out the reissue track listing below and preorder the album on Fat Beats.

01 My World Is…
02 The Narrow Path
03 Simply Amazin’ (steel blazin’) f. Ta’Raach
04 Juice n’ Dranks
05 In Remembrance
06 Blu Collar Worker
07 Dancing In The Rain
08 First Things First f. Miguel
09 Greater Love
10 Good Life f. Aloe Blacc & Joseph
11 Soul Rising
12 Cold Hearted f. Miguel
13 The World Is… (Below The Heavens)
14 You Are Now In The Clouds With… (The Koochie Monstas) f. Miguel
15 I Am Blu

16 Bonus Track 1
17 Bonus Track 2
18 Bonus Track 3

VINYL ONLY (Bonus 7″)
Side A. Dancing In The Rain (Instrumental)
Side B. I Am Blu… (Instrumental)

16 Bonus Track

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