Seattle artist Macntaj has come through with Corona anthem of all anthems on his latest music video for “I Hope You Cough.”

Stuck in the house with an ex you hate is no place to be during quarantine and Macntaj is learning that from first-hand experience.

Not afraid of spreading his germs, or his vibes, Macntaj pulls out all the stops on “I Hope You Cough,” with the playful theme of infecting an ex he can’t stand.

Not trading any quality for comedy, Macntaj shows his ability as an MC by keeping the tempo up with his vicious flow all while keeping things hilarious and playful with his lyrics.

Produced by Jammy Beatz and Executive Produced by Jackson Morgan, “I Hope You Cough” blends Macntaj’s comedic genius with his high musicality, making for the perfectly-timed, outrageous anthem.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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