The project Fuck With Me? Don’t Fuck With Me? Is more of a self explanatory project, but I wanted to give the fans and people something different in each song not only in the lyrics but in the beats as well.

It’s a short project with each song telling you a story, wether it be my life or something the fans can relate to when they hear it. It’s a four song EP with Paranoia (prod by Two4Flex) being the first track.

Imagine yourself inside your house looking out the window, with cops and undercover patrol cars passing by stopping to take pictures of your house. The Way It Goes (prod by Dannyebtracks) is explaining my depression, wanting to be alone instead of with groups of other people trying to make them feel down.

Sex Game (prod by IceStarr) Was just one of those fun in the moment songs you hear, just laugh and vibe to it. The last song plus one of my personal favorites is Never Forgotten (prod by DJ Swift) A shout out to all my family and homies, telling them all when I do make it, They will never be forgotten.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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