#BBZT is a collaboration album of two different lives being fused into one. BBZT, which stands for, Bad Boy Zombie Town, reflects the nature of being in a ongoing fight that never ends. The rebel side of all places reflects the Bad Boy aspect.

Whereas the Zombie Town, we all become what is around us, senseless zombies in the same atmosphere. We walk and talk the exact same thing as everyone else we see, because we believe it will keep us alive, but really we are dead inside.

#BBZT displays hardships, let downs, and longing for a change. #BBZT even exist in every aspect of the world, not just street life. We all walk this earth to work, come home, sleep and repeat the process as a modern day zombie in a town of zombies. The life we live is #BBZT. We all are #BBZT.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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