2015-07-15 10

Artist Background: Jordan Winston Aka Diesel Bandz or known around the city as Fetti I been Rapping Since I was 14 but just released my first mixtape this past year Hip Hop has always been my first love I use to go by Young Diesel but then I like to say I came of age so The young in my name had to go (Lol) and I took in the name bandz.

I got a three year old Little Boy Name Kii and he is my biggest fan he knows ever one of “Daddy’s” songs and when they come on he sings along. I grew up in a house with both my mom and dad so I guess you can say I’m lucky but I still went thru some of the same struggles anybody else in my hood who didn’t have both ya know like some times we aint have water nor lights but they still made it happen.

They inspire me to go hard with this music shit so I can give my son the life I never have but I was raised to always follow my heart and this is my heart so ima keep going until I cant go anymore.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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