Planet Asia may be two decades deep in the rap game, but he clearly isn’t ready to slow down anytime soon. After releasing a well received collaborative LP, Anchovies with Detroit producer, Apollo Brown just a few months ago, the Fresno emcee is back with an ill new single, “Tha Movement,” featuring Chace Infinite, Innate, and Bumps.

Backed by the ethereal funk from producer Genetix, the four emcees are on their no-hook steez as they kick crazy wordplay and bravado-centric bars. Of course, it’s not all braggadocio, because “Tha Movement” plays out like a battlecry for ensuring that Hip-Hop never loses its way.

But if you listen to this joint without rewinding certain bars—”Rap addict like crack habit, you can’t hack it/ Half-average cats on the map?/ Yeah, the fact’s backwards”—then you’re playing yourself.

As Planet Asia says on his verse, “Motherf*ckers better respect it,” especially when they get to hear him and Chace Infinite go back-to-back. The Self Scientific rapper may have his hands full managing A$AP Rocky, but he’s clearly still got the chops to deliver a blistering alley-oop to PA, who closes the track in high form.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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