Michigan recording artist James Gardin is back to his genre bending ways with his latest release “Most of My friends are stuck on the Internet”. Off the success of his song “Right Now” landing a T-Mobile placement, and multiple releases through out 2020, Gardin hopes to have the same success with this single. “Most of my friends are stuck on the internet” is a chill , indie, bedroom pop inspired record that plays part social commentary while still being a meditative sonic experience that the listener can get lost in.

When Describing the song Gardin Says

“I wrote this record a year ago because I felt like my friends and I were always staring at our phones when we were together. I wanted to talk about how that digital tether was cheating us of real connection. Fast forward to now and we can’t have that physical connection so we’re relying on the digital world. It’s a blessing to have these technological advances, but at times we can’t help but to feel stuck.”

Written by Stop The Breaks
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