Epidemic & Tantu - The Soulution

What originally started as a guest feature for Tantu’s debut release Language of Beats, spawned into a project of its own titled The Soulution.

A short but sweet display of Tantu’s diverse pallet of sounds and Epidemic’s ability to subtly adapt to a producer’s style. This project brings a refreshingly modern sound while keeping relative familiarity with the golden era-esque vibe that Epidemic has been known to bring.

The Soulution features a soulful sound scape with melodies ranging from both uplifting to nostalgic all packed into about 25 minutes.

Entirely produced by Tantu, with 5 songs, one instrumental and 2 of the west coast’s finest lyricists (the EP features Fashawn and Johaz of Dag Savage), it is something like quick a shot of dope – sure to hold fans over until the next full length release.

Written and performed by Epidemic, produced by Tantu, featuring Fashawn and Johaz of Dag Savage.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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