When Drake and Hov traded bars over “Pound Cake,” they unwittingly turned it into the most popular instrumental of 2013 for other rappers of freestyle over. Especially with Jay-Z’s cake and millions lines, “Pound Cake” has spawned a number of freestyles from other rappers – newcomers and veterans alike.

Let’s take a look at the 5 best “Pound Cake” freestyles of the year.

5) The LOX

This is one for the fans to debate over who had the best verse. Personally, I can’t decide – Styles had bars, Sheek had bars, Jada had bars.

4) Chamillionaire

A little out of the blue but nonetheless. When Chamillionaire is in his zone over the right beat, he’s fucking untouchable with his flow, melody, everything. Over the eerie beat, Cham drops knowledge on getting money and re-establishes himself as one of the savviest minds in hip-hop.

3) Meek Mill

I wasn’t too sure whether this would work when I heard about it – Meek has too much aggression and energy to complement a smoothed out beat like “Pound Cake.” But for some reason, it worked.

2) Raekwon

Wu-Tang is forever! Listening to the “Glaciers of Ice” skit where Ghost waxes lyrical about his Wallabees before Raekwon drops some bars over “Pound Cake” was the best feeling I had all year. As expecteded, Chef replaces Hov’s “cake, cake, cake” with “tecs, tecs, tecs.”


1) Childish Gambino

Childish pauses the freestyle, start having a conversation with Sway then goes back to freestyling without skipping a beat. What?! No question about it – Childish Gambino had the best “Pound Cake” freestyle of the year.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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