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It’s a strange thing to write about; a rapper’s daily routine. Rappers by their nature usually don’t have set routines or schedules; they rock up to the studio and wait for creativity to strike, usually spending all night to work on music. Otherwise they’re performing at a club or travelling across the country on tour.

But for Terrence LeVarr Thornton, better known as Pusha T, having an established daily routine is necessary for success when you have to juggle the creative side with record executive duties as the president of GOOD Music and founder of Heir Wave Music Group.

On an average day, Thornton is up between 5-6am. After his morning routine, which includes a workout, Thornton is on the phone with his manager, Steven Victor. “By nine o’clock I’m on the phone, chasing him down, chasing anybody that I need to speak to down in the business,” he said in a Masterclass interview describing his morning routine.

Between 9am to midday, Thornton is a music executive making phone calls, taking care of business and most importantly, on the look out for new artists. “I’m on every call, every day. I’m on the phone with Kahri’s manager every day,” he told Complex. “I speak to him 30 times a day. Right now, I don’t think I can’t be hands-on. It’s not a label that is functioning on all cylinders, so I want to be a part of everything.”

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