Over the past few months, Uptown Plug in partnership with Stop The Breaks has been conducting surveys with independent artists all over the world to talk about their biggest challenges, goals, music industry, platforms/websites they use to distribute music and plenty more.

With over 30 artists responding to our survey, we’ve compiled the insights and distilled the key points on what it’s like to be an independent musician grinding in 2019.

What are the goals and ambitions of their music career?
touring & playing live shows all over the world
Steady income, financial freedom, provide for their family. Making a living off their music
Building a solid fanbase to be able to hit the road on a regular basis
Connecting and collaborating with like-minded producers and artists.
Having an impact on listeners, being able to reach as many people as possible with their music
To become the biggest artist/household name
Successfully monetize music, merch and shows


To succeed as both an artist as businessman

To tour and sell music

Steady income and to live comfortably and see the world through touring

Connecting with producers and making new sounds. Build a fan base and be able to hit the road consistently.

I have several goals with my music and creations. My main goal is to have my work project me into a space in which I can free connect and collaborate with liked minds. I’ve always wanted to move on a different time and wave length than most artist. All in all my main goal is for my music to change my life once it has landed on others and changed and affected their lives in a positive way and manner as well.

To make a living of music and tour and travel the world sharing my music.

I want my music to be enjoyed around the world, and I want it to sustain my self sufficiency.

To open the door for nerdcore as a respected/mainstream genre

to successfully feed myself and family off my art without working for anyone but myself.

Be able to reach many people that can relate to my message. I want to make a living off my music and perform all over the world.

Make a living strictly off of creating music and performing, connecting with a fan base as well as other artists who have inspired me.

I want to be more versatile with my musical abilities.

to create a new wave. an original sound as best as possible. to motivate & inspire my future & overall fan base to push for their passion and bless others back

Be able to live full time off of my music and ultimately own it all. Be able to use my music as an asset to live off of for the rest of my life and run it independently.

Tour yearly around the US and overseas as an independent artist. Produce and write big records on the billboard 100

I want to have fun.

To be the biggest artist in the world

To become a household name.

First, being able to make a comfortable living out of my career and then making it as big as possible. Sky’s the limit!

To make a global impact for generations to come. To be able to live life to the fullest off music.

Cover my costs, so that I can continue to create as circumstances allow.

My goals are to: 1) Increase fan loyalty and size of fan base 2) Successfully monetize music, merch and shows 3) Perform internationally, whether festivals or own tour

Make some classic diamond records, feed my family, and use my excess millions to help fight global warming and wealth inequality

To grow my artist clientele and create a more prominent Florida music scene.

I want to be able to inspire others to go out and follow their dreams.

Short term, my goals are to get a substantial record deal to assist in funding my music career, and develop a fan base large enough to push my brand nation and worldwide. Long term, my goals are to open up my own record label for like-minded artists who have a voice, a one-stop shop for the upcoming artist.

To make music that has meaning, lasts a lifetime, and leads people to Christ.

To be able to live off of music and work exclusively from our own studio/media complex. Travel around the country and abroad to perform, meet new people and connect with different communities. Celebrity isn’t as big as a concern for us as leaving an impact and a legacy for the generations after us to follow and be inspired by.

Written by Stop The Breaks
Stop The Breaks is an independent music marketing company focused on showcasing independent hip-hop artists. Our goal is to help motivate, inspire and educate independent artists grinding around the world. We provide branding, content marketing, social media, SEO and music promotion services.