Top 5 Relaxing and Meditating YouTube Sounds for Studying and Thinking

Playing music can be a great distraction when you are trying to study or want to hire a professional essay writing service and pay for essay or think about important subjects. The lyrics are so distracting you can end up singing the song rather than focusing on the task at hand.

Although this is true, certain types of sounds enhance your focus by relaxing you, enabling you to focus for more extended periods on what you are doing. The genre of music that does this is called white noise and it reduces stress levels exponentially.

Here are the top 5 relaxing and meditating YouTube sounds for studying and thinking.

Fantasy & World Music by the Fiechters

If you are into books like the Lord of Rings and would like some inspirational music when reading or writing a fantasy book, you can use this collection. It has sounds that are soothing and make you focus on the plot of the book you are reading or writing.

The collection is composed by the Fiechters and their YouTube channel has quite an extensive repository of relaxing sounds that have various themes from medieval music to jungle music.

Subscribe to their channel to get new music they release that will help you improve your study time. Much work has been put into this study music selection when composing and producing it and you can definitely feel that in the songs.

One Hour of French Revolutionary Music

When you study a particular subject, it may be great to immerse yourself in that setting or environment. A great way to do that is playing music relative to that subject of study. The music will invoke feelings that will help you understand and remember easily what you are studying. One Hour of French Revolutionary Music is a great example of this.

If you are studying about French history, you can listen to it help you adapt to French revolution writing. You can also get more help on the history work by getting French revolution essay topics online. Not only topic help, but the expert writers will also do the writing work for you in quick time. From thesis to dissertation, college essays to term papers, you can make any writing order that you want.

The collection has various contributing artists including Michel Plasson, Emilie George, Salome Haller and a couple of other artists.

Music to Listen to While Writing – Essays, Papers, Stories, Poetry, Songs

Another collection perfect for essay, paper, story, and poetry writing is titled “Music To Listen To While Writing – Essays, Papers, Stories, Poetry, Songs” on YouTube. It is composed by a channel called Soundings of the Planet and gets your creative juices flowing.

The music is made by Dean Evenson and is also available on The collection is highly artistic and you won’t even feel that you are writing when listening to it.

It has seven songs that are available individually, so if you have a favorite track you heard, you can check out the description to get the name of the song. All these songs prove that you can listen to music while writing.

Instrumental Music for Studying, Concentration, And Focus Memory – Thinking Music Inspire Creativity

To increase the concentration level when you study you can listen to this hour-long instrumental music collection with concentration sounds for studying. The collection will also help you think creatively when you are writing, but it is best for situations where you need laser focus.

You can listen to this collection to rid yourself from the emotional and physical challenges you may be facing. There is more from where this came from, which is a group titled Meditation and Relaxing Music. You can also download the music produced by this artist and store it on your phone.

Lofi hip hop mix – Beats to Relax/Study to

The collection titled Lofi hip hop mix – Beats to Relax / Study to is anything but your regular hip hop plagues by vulgar language and violent talk. However, if you are a hip-hop kind of person, the collection can be very beneficial when you study or when you would like to relax.

In the collection, you can listen to over 50 lofi hip-hop songs that will steady your resolve to study or do the assignment. There is a full manifest of the artist names that contributed to the collection and the titles of the concentration sounds.

Bonus: 32 Minutes of Soothing, Relaxing, Meditating WWI Sounds for Studying and Thinking

When writing about subjects concerning the First World War, you also need to tap into that space. To date back in time and get to feel the emotions when studying or writing essays about it, you can listen to the collection. Nobody can’t seriously say that it’s relaxing, but it heavily promotes objective consideration of the events of The Great War.


Listening to music while studying, writing, or relaxing is very beneficial because it increases the focus and gets rid of all the stress. These soothing collections of different sounds are easily and freely accessible to anyone as you can stream them on YouTube. If you want to get individual tracks, you can get them on the description on most of the songs and then search them, in particular, to keep them on repeat.

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