Relocating can sometimes be stressful and messed up. If you’re located in Washington, D.C. and move from one apartment to the other in the same area, that’s a lot easier. But not always.

You need to pack your things and hire a carrier to take your stuff to your new apartment. Things get a little more complicated when you plan to move to another city or another state.

For example, Vermont had a 74% inbound move rate in 2021. Therefore, many people experience the ups and downs of relocating.

A lot might be going on in your mind, and to not forget a single detail, it is good to prepare a moving checklist. It will help you a lot both to move out from your old apartment and be prepared to move into the new one. So go over this checklist to make the relocation process as easy and as stress free as possible.

Checklist for moving in for the first time

Do not miss a thing from this checklist to make your move smooth.

1. Find an apartment

To move in, you should first have a place. Whether you are interested in studio apartments in the suburbs or furnished apartments in Washington DC, looking for those and renting one should be the first thing to consider when moving in.

When you rent an apartment, make sure it has some free space to turn into a home office. This way you will be more productive, and will not consider that working from home is for watching TV and relaxing. (You can do it sometimes when it is your break time!)

However, if you plan to work remotely, you should make sure you have a cozy place for rent, as you should feel happy to stay home and work from home.

2. Pack your things

Get some large boxes and pack your clothing, hygiene products, devices, kitchen equipment, or dishes. If you are planning to move in, make sure you nicely and safely pack your stuff, especially those that are fragile. Moreover, doing this in advance will save you a lot of time and nerves.

You can even hire a relocation service to carry your stuff to the new city. If you are moving to another town for work reasons, your hiring company would probably want to take care of this. So, checking with them would be worth it!

3. Buy necessities

When packing your things, you will notice that you are missing some essential items or products that you might need when you move in. So, make a list of the urgent products or items and buy those.

You do not need to buy all the stuff that you might need there hypothetically. Remember, you can find stores in Washington DC, no matter where your apartment is. Just buy the things you will need the first couple of days, till you settle down.

4. Find a cleaning service

To ensure that you get your apartment sparkling clean, adjust it with the rental agency or the apartment owner or on your own to have a cleaning service.

Unless you want to save money, get a cleaning service, and not think about it when you get in your new apartment. This way, you will not need to worry about the extra stuff as moving in is not easy so you will have a lot going on in your mind.

5. Take some snacks

On the first day, you might be exhausted from moving to another city and apartment, so you better take some snacks with you to eat. Take a bottle of water, some fruit, cookies, or chocolate. That would be enough. Later, you will find stores and markets to buy food from, but just in case, take some snacks for the first bite in your apartment.


Having a checklist when first moving in will save you time and effort. Everyone knows that shifting from one place to another can be stressful.

But it will be much easier when you have things organized.

So follow the checklist and enjoy every step of your life!

Written by Stop The Breaks
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