Have you ever played a name-that-tune mobile game? Well, if you were looking into it and planning to download Heardle, that may not be such a good idea. Soon, this music game will not be available because Spotify is cutting its ties with this gaming app.

If Heardle is the only tune-that-song game you’ve heard of, don’t worry, there are a couple of other titles similar to this one. However, the question is, why is Spotify dropping this mobile game? It’s a music-related game and its relationship with Spotify makes sense.

Is this a failed ambition for Spotify? You can read on to find out.

The Spotify Heardle Relationship

Spotify is a huge music streaming app that operates globally. Heardle is a music game that features popular songs. Players have to guess the song name and artist within a few seconds or skip to the next if they can’t. The quicker you guess the song, the more points.

The relationship between the two apps began in July 2022, when the giant music streaming platform, Spotify, decided to buy the gaming app, Heardle. The gaming app was then integrated with the music streaming platform with the aim that its users would discover or rediscover songs and then add them to their Spotify playlist.

However, it has not been a year since this relationship began and it’s coming to an end. Spotify has made an announcement to confirm this issue. Does that mean Heardle is coming to an end?

Unlike Casino Games, A Mobile Game With No Numbers Can Vanish

Since the game wasn’t developed by Spotify but by an anonymous app and web designer from London, does that mean it’ll continue? This is not yet clear. However, users are advised to screenshot their stats before 5 May 2023 as the gaming app won’t be available from that day on.

Statistics show that the web version of Heardle had over 40 million visitors before it was purchased by Spotify. These numbers have since dropped and some users had complaints regarding the platform’s accessibility and the stats not moving.

The hype around some of the most popular online slots dies down, but they’ll still be available in online casinos to play. However, when this happens on a mobile game, it can eventually vanish. When the numbers drop, complaints rise and there’s no one willing to address these issues, then players will find an alternative.

Why Is Spotify Dropping Heardle?

Besides the number of users dropping and complaints from some users, there are a couple of other possible reasons behind the Sweden-based company’s decision. What are these reasons?

Spotify bought Heardle a few months after the New York Times bought Wordle in January 2022. Given how things are going now, it seems like the popular music streaming platform made a quick unthought-through decision.

As a result, there wasn’t enough done to ensure a successful integration. Heardle has been kept web-based while Spotify is also available and more convenient on the app. On top of that, most gamers prepare to play games on mobile and that becomes easier when a game is available as a downloadable mobile app.

Also, the game could have been developed even further to ensure that it keeps existing players happy and attracts new ones. For instance, it could’ve added a feature that allows players to compete. So, instead of only seeing your stats, you can also see them in relation to other players.

Heardle Players’ Views on Spotify’s Decision

Some of the remaining players of Heardle have expressed how they feel about Spotify’s decision on social media. Many aren’t happy and feel that this music streaming company had many other possible options regarding this site and it opted for the worst, taking it away from them.

Some highlighted how they enjoyed playing the music game as it kept them happy. Others were confused as to why the game is shutting down as it can’t possibly be too hard for Spotify to maintain it.

So, Is This A Failed Ambition to Break Into Gaming for Spotify?

Given the events and factors leading to this decision, it doesn’t seem like Spotify had much ambition regarding the gaming industry. The Sweden company didn’t put much effort into ensuring that the app works in its favour and that of its players.

Though the number of Heardle players has dropped since its purchase, there are still existing players and there are a couple of things Spotify could have done to change this. Spotify’s indication that the game is going away has also not made it clear whether its parting with Heardle means the end of it.

So for now, if you haven’t played the game in a while or haven’t captured your stats yet, then you have until 4 May 2023 to do so.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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