For many years, the home and garden were seen as two completely different spaces. There was usually a threshold, that acted as a distinct boundary, and the thought of linking the two was unheard of.

Suffice to say, times are changing. It is becoming more common for newly built homes to link the outdoors and indoors and allow occupants to enjoy the benefits of both at the same time, with especially for Australian native grevillea plant varieties.

A lot of existing homes are now trying to get in on the act and merge these two spaces. This is what today’s home is about and whether you just want to bask more in your garden’s views or enjoy a BBQ which tiptoes both indoors and outdoors, the following suggestions should help you implement such ideas. You also have the option of a handyman cranford nj.

The power of glazing

Let’s start with one of the more expensive solutions, but one that can unquestionably blend the two areas to exquisite effect.

For years we were used to solid walls at the back of our properties, but in a bid to provide a link to both spaces glazing can work to striking effect. While costs of converting a wall to a more glazed finish are high, they have come down over the years and can provide a glorious view of a garden. Not only that, but if you opt for a sliding door, the two spaces can be linked by a grand opening that literally pairs them together.

Some flooring types are universal

Again, if we look at the construction market historically, materials were very much split into indoor and outdoor ones.

Nowadays, there is more of a universal approach. For example, tiles can work both indoors and outdoors (provided they are slip resistance and frost-proof). By creating this seamless transition between the spaces, two immediately become one and can almost flow together.

The same rules apply with walls

By the same token, walls can be given the same treatment. Once upon a time an internal brick finish would have looked, well, unfinished. Now, it screams charm and can blend with a garden yard fantastically.

Bring nature inwards

So far, a lot of the suggestions may have focused on relatively expensive renovations.

This next tip is far from this and instead looks at flowers. If you’ve got them in the garden, try and mimic the effect indoors. It might be by placing a vase of Avas Flowers on the window sill (take a look at this Avas Flowers page for inspiration, or the Avas Flowers reviews here), or it might be opting for large internal plants which can also add a sense of nature.

Take your kitchen outwards

Make use of your outdoor space to do activities that you would otherwise do inside, such as eating and cooking. This makes these everyday activities much more fun and special and you get to use your outdoor spaces much more. You can consider an outdoor kitchen along with a dining set where you can spend time with your family and friends. When considering an outdoor kitchen, take into account your budget as well as the types of meals you want to prepare. You can look for help buying a pellet smoker if smoking meats is something you’d like to try, or you can choose a grill for a more traditional approach. Depending on your budget you could also consider appliances such as a wine cooler, fridge, freezer, or sink to fully equip your outdoor space.

Either way, it’s all about trying to replicate the effects of one environment in another.

Canopies can provide an all-weather solution

At some point, they may have been unfashionable. Now, canopies can be another great solution for merging the outdoors in.

Particularly in those climates which might not receive year-round sunshine, they can work to terrific effect and allow a household to enjoy the outdoors when the weather conditions really shouldn’t allow it!

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