Cloud telephony is the latest talk of the town. Though we all are vouching for its cost-effectiveness and around-the-clock accessibility, very few are aware of the fact that it safeguards business at various fronts. Almost half of the start-ups fail during the first five years. Hardly handfuls can touch the mark of decade.

Many reasons lead to the downfall of a business. No matter what the reasons are, the cloud phone system safeguards your business by all means and helps you thrive. Here are the ways it makes it happen:

The lack of finance/investment is not at all bothersome

One of the most potential threats for any business that can cause the downfall is the lack of finance/investment. You can trounce this issue and get rid of this constant fear of overflow expenses by using the internet business phone system. With cloud telephony, you will reduce call incurring costs, have a cost-effective international calling, and get regular system updates & maintenance at a peanut’s cost.

With cloud telephony, all the telephony components are deployed over a cloud space. This makes you free to bear the incurring system set-up cost as well. In short, savings will be in your ways by all means with cloud telephony.

Data security that is hard to breach out

Data is the new currency, and when we talk about business data, it’s perhaps more important than the dollar bills. Now, everything is happening over the internet. Though it has made things easier and affordable, using the internet makes our data vulnerable towards various cyber threats like Trojans, viruses, phishing, and so on.

Every leading cloud telephony service provider offers a high-end security encryption facility with a virtual mobile phone number. Because of this high-end encryption, your business data becomes purely secure. Apart from this, there are many other security features like access/login control that enables you to gain full control over your data access. You can set role-based access to the database to prevent any data breaches. When such high-end data security is backing-up your data, it becomes resilient towards all the cyber threats.

Ability to measure the employees’ performance

A huge investment goes into building and training up the manpower. Skilled manpower is your primary tool to let things happen at your workplace. That is why keeping a track of your team’s productivity is imperative. Cloud telephony endows the end-users with a whole feature suite to measure the team’s productivity at every level.

You have a feature called call barging that enables a manager to be part of any two-way conversation and gain real-time insight into your agents’ customer handling ability. You can also assign a domain expert for every team that can monitor the team’s performance from time to time. The best part is that your team members will not be able to make out that someone is monitoring them.

Hence, you will always get the realistic and true-in-nature data.

Then, you have call analysis and reporting at your service. This feature of your virtual mobile phone number provides you every tit and bit of details like which agent has received how many calls per day, which issue is pending, and what is the average time that an agent invests over a customer.

When all these real-time analysis and reporting is available for your reference, you can easily determine the productivity of every agent.

Customer engagement and data integrity like never before

We need not mention the worth of customers for a business. Customer engagement and satisfaction are two factors that can decide the fate of a business. The higher the value of these two, the better your survival chances. On the other hand, their lower value is the worst nightmare that any business could ever have.

Oftentimes, some of the information gets lost or misused by the time it reaches the right resource at your workplace. All these things are attributed to a business’s failure.

With the right use of the internet business phone system, you can overcome this issue. As it builds a centralized place for the communication channels, you will receive the right information even if multiple heads are involved. Passing through the different channels, cloud telephony ensures that you never lose the information integrity.

Coming back to customer engagement, there are many features that a cloud phone system offers to provide you with best-in-class customer engagement. You have IVR, on-hold music, UCaaS vs. CCaaS, unified communication, and in-app messaging to ensure your customers are always connected with you.

In conclusion

A business has to deal with ample dangers in its zest to thrive in the competitive world. Various factors can attribute to a business’s breakdown. Instead of wrestling with all these factors, you must handle them with care. Cloud telephony is what you need to contrive them effectively. Using it diligently and overcoming all these issues is far better than retrospection which caused the failure.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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