As an aspiring hip-hop artist, there are various things you can do to start creating a name for yourself and boost your career in the industry. For instance, you can look for possible gigs and conduct great live shows, where you can perform your latest songs and engage with your fans.

However, that’s easier said than done. As exciting as putting your music out there is, it can also be a bit challenging to navigate the ins and outs of the industry, from booking live shows to giving awesome performances. And with that, this article lists some tips that can guide you in ensuring the success of your live shows.

1. Select An Appropriate Venue

Your chosen venue plays a role in influencing the overall mood of your live performance. Aside from matching it with your vision or concept for the show, you’d also have to factor in some considerations. For instance, the venue’s size. Opting for a smaller venue can give off a more intimate vibe for your fans as compared to choosing large concert grounds.

There’s also that choice between opting for an indoor venue or an outdoor one. For an indoor live show, setup can generally be easy, considering most event organizers are likely to have worked on this kind of show. They already have experience managing crowds in an enclosed space and working with various technicians and equipment providers such as Simply sound and lighting to boost the audio-visual setup of your live show. And on the other hand, outdoor shows can be more complex since you may need to prepare a backup plan in case it rains or snows.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options and selected the right venue, reserve the location as early as possible to avoid possible conflicts with other events or artists. Locking up the venue early can also give you ample time to promote your live show through printed and digital promotional posters.

2. Plan Your Setlist

Now that you’ve sorted out the venue, it’s time to focus on the music. After all, aside from watching you perform, your music is what your fans will come there for. And so, to have a fun-filled yet successful live show, you need to plan a killer set list that your fans are likely to enjoy singing and rapping along to. Not only can this engage your fan base, but a successful live show can also help attract music producers your way.

To help you build an impressive set list, figure out exactly how much time you have to perform and how many songs you can fit in. Since you’re still an unsigned artist, you may consider going on stage within twenty to thirty minutes instead of doing a sixty-minute-long event. Then, you need to select an outro song that might turn passing live show participants into adoring fans and urge them to follow your hip-hop music journey.

3. Prepare Your Equipment

One of the keys to leaving a great impression on your live concert attendees is a smooth set. And your audience is likely to enjoy your performance if the sound system quality is good, with little to zero technical issues. To achieve this, it’s essential to prepare and organize your equipment before the show starts.

For instance, if you don’t plan on booking a DJ, you have to launch your backing tracks with a pad-based sampler. Along with this gear, you’ll also need to prepare a high-end laptop, an audio interface, and a direct box to allow your signal to flow out of your device into the venue’s mixing board.

Depending on the venue and the event organizer, such gears are usually available or provided for the show. But to be on the safe side, you can also prepare critical items, such as a gaffer’s tape, a personal microphone, and a box full of random audio cables. And suppose you’re planning to run your event inside a bigger venue; consider investing in a good pair of in-ear monitors to protect your ears.

In addition, before the show, you must allot extra time into your sound check for potential troubleshooting and always have a readily available backup strategy.

4. Hang Out With Your Fans

Even as an aspiring hip-hop artist, there are likely at least a few people in the audience who attended your live show to support you. And as such, why not take the opportunity to engage with them by asking how their evening is going and thanking them for coming. You may also consider having something special planned for them after the show, like a meet and greet, to show your appreciation for their support.

You could also address the audience who are just passing by. For instance, you could thank them and introduce yourself to them. You could also tell them that you’re hoping they’re having a great time bopping along to your beats. More so, you can also take this chance to encourage this new audience to check out your music on streaming platforms and become part of your community of supporters.

Wrapping Up

As an aspiring hip-hop artist, aiming to leave a positive impression on your ideal audience can always go a long way. And one way to do this is by giving them a great live performance. To help you get started in your pursuit of a career in the music and rapping industry and producing awesome live shows, keeping in mind the insights mentioned in this article can be a start.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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