Reading in the modern world is gradually taking a back seat. Is it due to the change in people’s rhythm of life and constant lack of time? Or, maybe, there are no books worth paying attention to?

If you agree with the previous statement, you probably cannot be called a pure bookworm. Even though the period of classical literature is over, there exist many modern authors creating masterpieces within their genres. Many are known as creators of the plots for some of the legendary films.

The situation with reading mentioned above is especially detrimental for students. Indeed, those who have managed to make reading their daily habit can boast more sophisticated vocabulary. Such students not only broaden their horizons with each book read but also boost some important skills.

People who possess large home libraries formulate their thoughts in an organized way and can find answers to the most intricate questions. Referring to essay topic examples can also simplify the process of writing an article for college. It can make an otherwise tedious process of essay writing way easier for students. Still, reading literature makes one’s vocabulary richer and turns on their imagination.

Let’s talk about some of the most outstanding writers of modernity. You will definitely go shopping at a bookstore after reading this article.

1. Haruki Murakami

His name can be safely put on a par with giants of Japanese literature. Who would have thought that a man who kept bars in Tokyo during the 70s would become a writer?

In 1979, he published the first story “Hear the Wind Sing”. Critics enthusiastically approached this literary debut. He was awarded The Gunzo New Writers’ Prize, followed by the Noma Prize which is a UNESCO award. For several years now he has been at the top of the list of candidates for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Among his best-known works are the novels “Norwegian Wood”, “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle”, “1Q84”, “The Сolorless Tsukuru Tasaki and His Years Pilgrimage” as well as the collection of stories “Lexington Ghosts” and “Men Without Women”.

2. Helen Fielding

Helen Fielding is the writer who created the story of the well-known journalist Bridget Jones. This author’s plots formed the basic scripts for famous comedies glorifying the author, whose biography is similar to her heroine’s.

The work “Cause Celeb” is based on the events captured by the author during her trips to Sudan, Ethiopia, and Mozambique. The story about Bridget Jones developed from Helen Fielding’s authoring column in “The Independent”. The fate of an unmarried woman who lives for her pleasure is described in the book “Diary of Bridget Jones”. The work’s presentation took place in 1996 only to be soon recognized as a bestseller.

3. Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman is a British science fiction writer, the author of Vertigo, DC Comics, and Marvel Comics, and screenplays. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, the works of this author will definitely amuse you. The protagonist of The Books of Magic, the young wizard Tim Hunter, is considered the prototype of Harry Potter.

In 1990 Gaiman, in cooperation with Terry Pratchett, published the novel “Good Omens”, written in the genre of humorous fantasy. In 2001, the novel “American Gods” was released, which is considered one of the best works of Neil Gaiman. The book is a New York Times bestseller as well as the winner of the Hugo, Nebula, and Locus awards.

4. Jojo Moyes

Do you enjoy good, soul-stirring novels? Try to delve into the books of the British writer Jojo Moyes. On the one hand, she writes about light and simple life things. On the other, she refers to deep feelings that can arise between two people and change their worlds.

It is worth saying that Jojo Moyes gained worldwide fame after the sentimental but incredibly poignant novel “Me Before You”. It was later even filmed starring Emilia Clarke.

Even though the meaning and plot in Moyes’s novels are not related to each other, her books are better to read in a specific order.

  1. “Sheltering Rain”
  2. “The Ship of Brides”
  3. “The Last Letter from Your Lover”
  4. “Me Before You”
  5. “The Girl You Left Behind”
  6. “One plus one”
  7. John Michael Green

John Green is an American writer who has found his passion in writing novels for youth. As a progressive and young person, Green also creates content for Youtube. In 2006, he won a literary prize called The Michael L. Printz Award for his first novel, “Looking for Alaska” while his latest book “The Fault in Our Stars” became the number one bestseller in the United States. Some of the plots such as “Paper Towns” were screened in Hollywood.

The most famous book “The Fault in Our Stars” describes a story of a girl suffering from cancer. Through this plot, the author managed to draw the public’s attention to the problem. John Green’s quirk is that he creates stories for teenagers without hiding the truth of real life.

5. Markus Frank Zusak

This author is a popular Australian writer. Marcus Zusak’s works are fascinating modern novels, marked by the attention of critics and journalists, as well as the love of readers.

Zusak’s bibliography includes only six books currently. Even though the choice is not wide, it is worth paying attention to. The novels “The Underdog” and “Fighting Ruben Wolfe” include the story of the Wolf brothers – two young boys whose family struggles with poverty. “The Messenger” is a thrilling story characterized as both bold and sentimental that reflects the writer’s sense of humor.

“The Book Thief” is Zusak’s most famous novel, based on the stories about the nightmare of World War II he heard in childhood. The book is about fates and fears, Nazis and Jews, birth and death. The novel makes a strong impression, that’s why it is said to let a reader look beyond the Second World War.


Of course, paying tribute to the classics like Shakespeare, Honoré de Balzac, Oscar Wilde, and many more recognized geniuses is important. But why not get acquainted with modern authors who create no worse stories? Study the list of today’s famous wordsmiths and start getting closer to the literature of the new century.

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