Project Background: This is the Grey Maxell Soundtrack, and it’s my pleasure to make it available to the public for purchase.

About 3 1/2 years recording this album. It was the most challenging thing i have ever done with music. I wanted it to be isolated from the way anything sounded or felt like today. I wanted to keep it pure. I needed to represent the culture that inspired the sound and content of the album. It’s HEAVILY influenced by the mid 90’s style (just with a little updated feel).

The GMXLP is the soundtrack to my life. It’s the soundtrack to my growth from a boy to a man, and i hope you enjoy it. I hope you are able to play it all the way through with no interruption or skipping of tracks. I want you to get the full affect of what’s being offered.

Stream The Grey Maxell Soundtrack and hit up Comdot’s Bandcamp page to download the project.

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